Afterburner1277 - Kansas - Carry On Wayward Son +

Hi all,
This is my very first video of me playing an entire song, one of which has been a favorite of mine for eons. Any comments are welcome on anything on the song. I know I have a ton of technique building and lots of bad habits to break. Thanks for giving it a look and Peace Out all.


Hi Keith,
I had to read your introduction again because the story above your song doesn’t seem to match what and how you play and sound. So for a second I thought we were dealing with someone who wanted to lure people to his own site… Man, get that video out of the “hidden” corner and be proud and show the world what you can do… You are good :sunglasses: :clap:

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Hi Keith! Can only echo what @roger_holland already wrote: Man, step out into the light! That was some very pleasing and advanced playing, which I didn’t expect after your intro. I like your tone/sound, not to talk about the PRS! Please let us hear some more hidden stuff!

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Hello Keith, that was absolutely awesome :star_struck::metal::clap:!!
Fantastic playing - way, way beyond my level.
So cannot give any constructive feedback, but simply WOW :astonished::+1::clap:!!

What a debut on your first AVOYP :smiley:.
I really hope to hear more from you. Thanks a let for sharing this gem :hugs:

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Hi Keith, beyond my level to give any meaningful feedback. Everytime I hear that song it makes me think of Supernatural. Your playing was awesome and I’m glad that you shared it with us.

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Wow Keith! That was awesome, you’re way to harsh on yourself. This was pure fun and enjoyment to watch and listen! :slight_smile: :clap: :+1:

As I love this song, I’m extra critical… but… don’t find anything. So well played, man! Chapeau. :smiley: :clap: Thanks a lot for sharing this pearl! :star_struck:

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Thanks so much, Roger! I do not consider myself a good guitarist. There is so much I need to work on (I feel). I have a small studio setup, and I add the songs I want to learn into Studio One Pro, and I can slow them down and learn them. I need to write a new introduction and tell my story from my guitar birth to the present. Then all can see where I am in my guitar journey. I am so happy to be here, and thanks again for your reply.

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Thank you so much, Helen! As I replied to Roger, I think I will add a new introduction or maybe a post under “what I am learning” to let everyone know how my guitar playing came to be and what I think I need to become a true guitar player slight_smile:
P.S. I have way more guitars than my experience supports, LOL.

I am so new to this and unsure how to reply to all in one post. The old dog is going to try and learn new tricks. So as I responded to roger_holland and a couple of other wonderful people here on “Justin Guitar.” Thank you so much for your praises and replies, NicoleKKB, Socio, and Lisa_S too. I know I didn’t quote correctly, but I will have to learn more later as I think I will write up a diary of my guitar journey and what I am starting to learn. I am SO sure I can learn from everyone here, and I am glad to be associated with you ALL!


Keith, this is way way way (endless loop) beyond my level. Obviously, you see issues to improve that I don’t even recognize. In my ears your playing sounded great :smiley:

What was the crazy thing you did with sliding the pick up the guitar neck? I’m lacking the proper technical term for that… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi and welcome,
Not sure if you are trying to be modest or what, but there is no denying that is some terrific guitar play going on. Good job on the mix and production too. Even with poor ears, I could make out your guitar and the original.

You mentioned posting your travels on guitar, etc. There may be other places, but many on here have posted their guitar and sometimes more bio/story in the Learning Logs area.

You do have an issue with your post:

Video unavailable
Playback on other websites has been disabled by the video owner

Only by clicking the “play on youtube” did it work for me.

Take care,

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Sounded great, keep it up!

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Thanks, Alex!

Kansas song that helped me through a low point in my life. I hope Y’all enjoy it.


Wow Keith! Flawless performance of a very complicated song. Very impressive!

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Oh, a song in 6/8 :grinning: What a beautiful Ibanez, I love her sound, and I could listen to you soloing all day :slightly_smiling_face:

First I thought, you were some milliseconds off time when going back to strumming from the solo, but that’s probably just my flawed ears :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sounding great Keith. Another fantastic and impressive performance. Keep it up.

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Thank you, Nichole, I noticed lag time too, and I don’t know what to attribute it to. Yes, and 6/8 was hard for me, in the beginning, to get used to. Thanks again.

Great performance and cool looking PRS. Inspiring ! :slight_smile:

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Well, afterburner1277 - or is it fuzzy1277 – Keith, I’ve got to say that, after reading your intro and struggles to learn guitar, and then opening your videos and watching and listening, I think your intro/bio was, shall I say, a bit understated, to say the least. You display a level of fretboard comfort and navigation, not to mention a 5:30 lead from memory, that far exceeds what most of us in this community are capable of.
That being said, I enjoyed your playing, both watching you do it with relative ease and the sound you produced.
Justin has a wealth of info available on technique, ear training and theory that I’m sure you will benefit from if you make the commitment.
Again, welcome to the community.

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