(Again) What chords are these?

Hi, stumbled on these chords again while fingerpicking and I love them. Just wanna know what they’re called:

Context: I was coming up with a song with a repetitive Asus2-Dsus2-F#m-E7-Asus2 chord progression and fingerpicking (the key of the song is in A major… I think :P)
I noticed the E-based chord is a nice substitute for E7 or E for me.
And the A-based chord is also a nice substitute for the first Asus2 (i.e., starting the melody with this chord instead of Asus2).

Thank you!

I think the first is Esus4 and the second is A7sus2

I find this a really useful site for these questions (I’m sure there are many others) :grinning:


Apparently a popular chord :grin:

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This will make you dangerous. Go forth and find chords! :guitar:

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That is cool. Gotta put that into my toolbox.

Thanks Brian! :smiley: That does look like it will be really useful! :sunflower:

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Thanks everyone for sharing, including the two websites! Really appreciate it (:

I find this site very good, it can identify or show you chords, scales etc.