Alice In Chains

Man, I can’t get enough of this album, it’s so good! I noticed there don’t seem to be any AIC song lessons on JG. However, there are a couple of their songs up on the song request board. Went over there and voted on all of them! :smiley:

Though I’ll probably buy the song book for this album in the meantime.


There’s a guy who has a few Alice in chains lessons on YouTube, he covers a lot of the grunge era - Pearl Jam, Nirvana ect. ‘Let’s play all’ I think the channel is called, nice guy and easy to follow lessons.

I hope it’s ok to recommend other YouTube channels? :grimacing: Justin is my guy but if there’s a song I’m keen to have a go at that he hasn’t covered, I’ll dip into other channels. :v:

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The easy way is just pick your favorite song from them and google for the guitar tab. They won’t always be perfectly accurate but is free and gets you playing the song.

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Yeah it’s fine to mention other YouTube teachers etc.

Check out Ryan Lendt for some great, easy to follow grunge lessons - including a lot of Alice in Chains. He is hilarious as well.

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Thanks for the tips guys, will check out!

I would only resort to using Google to find guitar tab as a last resort if you can’t find a proper lesson. There’s so many tabs that are riddled with errors and they don’t tell you HOW to play a song; you can play all of the right notes in the right order and still sound bad. I guess it also depends where you are on your guitar journey, an experienced guitarist can probably work it out whereas a beginner (like me) needs more guidance

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Hands down. One of the best albums throughout history… gives me the chills everytime i listen too it. Sad to think about that this is the last concert they did with layne Staley….

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Right? I even prefer this to the studio recordings.

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Hi Rob.

I think for your situation a you tube tutorial would be the most helpful. Justin is very busy and I would not recommend holding out for him to add a lesson. He tries for sure but he has a large audience to please. Justin has you tube videos for several songs out there. For others I recommend using someone reputable is possible. Steve Stine and Marty Music are good US based… I’ve watched Andy Crowley from the UK as well. Regardless you have to be honest with yourself and skill levels. I still can’t play Alice In Chains or Metallica how it really should sound but will some day. Best of luck on your journey.


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If you want to learn Nutshell I am happy to act as an inspiration for you :laughing:

Nutshell by Alice in Chains

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Ooh, gotta check that out! :smiley: