Nutshell by Alice in Chains

Hi folks, haven’t heard from me for a while in AVOYP! Summer time is quite busy this year around with best yet to come, however managed to find some time in last few weeks to record this song. Always seems simple at the start but ends up being a lot more complex than one would thought!

You probably wonder where did he get such an amazing bass BT in his recording? Well big shout out to Luka he kindly helped me with this one! Wait until the end when you hear this heart warming slide! Thanks @glpguitar for your help, it was a pleasure!

Enough of this chit chat, usual recording kit and please let me know if you enjoyed it :wink:


Awesome playing and vocals! Shout out to your lead playing man, playing and tone were top notch. Hope to get there some day.

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Well done! Solid performance😊

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Do not know this song but enjoyed this a lot, thank you.

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Hi Adrian,
Great…,amazing . beautiful , with on the at first sight simple song, but I see and hear the complexity when you play it with the 3 of you … Applause for the bass and the guitar rhythm man can also do something nice … …but that guy on solo guitar and that sound …wow, please give him my best regards and thank him for his small picture effort showing off to the max :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet: :man_bowing:… loving it.

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Awesome playing Adrian. You may not be able to record an AVOYP as regular as you want due to being kept busy but when you do get an opportunity to record something… you record something of pure quality.

Mal, Hans - many thanks for the listen!

Alexis - thanks for compliments, you are certainly going into a right direction with your playing by the looks of how you progress through your challenge. I wasn’t even dreaming about playing any lead until I met Justin’s website 2 years ago, so I am sure you’ll get there at some point!

Rogier thanks for nice words, I will pass your compliments to my alter ego :laughing:

James again thank you! Yes it usually takes time I am a slow learner in terms of new songs but at least it is something that keeps me interested! :slight_smile: all the best


Hey Adrian. Sounded really good there man. That’s a tough one to sing and you did it really well - especially those really high bits behind the lead work (which was also awesome).

Wow, that sounds fantastic :clap:. I really enjoyed listening :smiley:. Thanks for sharing.

Hey Mike glad to see you back was missing stuff from your studio :grinning: hope you keep playing!

Thanks for encouragement really appreciate you enjoyed the video :slight_smile:

Nicole - also many thanks!

Excellent. Loved the lead guitar. :clap::clap::clap::clap:

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I’ve been playing all the way through - I’ve just been overworked and had to cut back on the community time to make space :frowning: Glad to see/hear you’ve been making steady progress while I’ve been away though.

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A new song for me, really nicely played and put together.

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Yea I get that summer time has been quite busy for me as well so far and it is going to get even crazier! Well as long as we play that’s what counts, good to hear from you Mike!

Ron, Phil - many thanks and glad I have shown you something new to you :slight_smile:

What a fantastic performance - really enjoyed this a lot. What with this one and the lovely recent cover by @jkahn in an openmic I realise that I should have been paying more attention to Alice in Chains! This is something I love about this forum, you get to hear great songs that you’ve possibly never heard before. More please :slight_smile:

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Hi Adi,
This sounds really good. I like the tones you captured. Vocals are on the money and well done. It all adds up to a nice production. How did you get the bass in there?

Keep up the good vibe and be well,

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Hi Godfrey many thanks for your nice comment, glad you enjoyed it! JK’s version was the reason I reminded myself of this song so he deserves a pat on the back for this one as well :grinning: as well as my wife which loves it and was nagging me to learn it :grinning:

@LBro many thanks for your compliments, appreciate it a lot! Now regarding bass line Luka recorded it for me in DAW playing himself and I just dropped it onto my project on a separate track, then it was just playing around with levels. How we managed timing wise? I found a good backing track which I followed on, then sent it to Luka and he recorded it off my version or off backing track as I sent him a link to it as well. I’ll mention the man himself to comment :grinning: @glpguitar

Adi, you absolutely nailed that; tones, play vox, production, just outstanding.
Yeah, that bass was amazing, as is this whole production. What a treat!!


Adi, thank you for inviting me, this was loads of fun. As a hobby bassist, it’s great to get a call here and there to fulfill my musical dreams :wink: . And as I told you before, your singing and playing is getting better and better!

LBro - as Adi said, he sent me his tracks over. I made one big (ignorant) technical mistake and didn’t ask him for his project settings but with modern DAWs that’s not too much of an issue as it automatically adjusts bitrate but still…it was me being ignorant. Otherwise, bass DI and just basic eq and compression.

Thanks everyone for listening.

Great to see you again Dave and many thanks for taking time to listen! If you approve then that makes me happy :grinning: hopefully we will hear something from you soon too! All the best

Edit. Just saw you posted a song, better get onto that!