All choked up again - Ryan Bingham cover

Hi everyone. Guess its time for another AVOYP again.
Been a while since the last…

For some reason i dont get around to play nearly as much guitar as i want to in the summer. Well…( the reason is that its tons of other fun things to do as well :rofl:)

So its been a minimum with guitar playing lately. So my fingers hurt a lot these days after picking the guitar up again…

Anyway… Ryan Binghams, All chocked up.

Love this guy, attempted this almost as soon as i started playing, not very difficult. Just the usual 3 chords :grin: but i always had this feeling that its a bit boring for other to listen to this song, i have tried to spice it up a bit… with some hammer ons, and maybe you can call it a lick… i dont know… at least tried to spice it up a little bit.

The original is very far from boring, but i dont have a clue on how i can play it like the original. So this is my take on it.

Had a recording straight away that was perfect… forgot to start recording ofcourse :see_no_evil: had a couple of very very bad attempts after that, so this is what i came up with in the end.


Not boring at all Trond, you did a good job of changing up the strumming adding the hammer-on and put in a few pauses to add some tension and kept the rhythm going. Like I said to Gordon “Good honest Playing” Enjoyed that. Good Job.

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Great cover @tRONd !! I like Ryan Bingham a lot. He is a very underrated artist, and it seems like nobody knew about him until “Yellowstone”.

Excellent job, I like your strum(s), solid vocals, and seemingly a pretty tricky song to play, at least next to the studio version. Keep rocking man :+1:

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Thanks for watching @stitch yeah, kind of funny that he had his «3 chords» song almost at the same time. I am all about the 3 chords song :rofl:

@traveler thanks a lot for watching Rick. Yep. Ryan Bingham is underated. He is very skilled, with a sound that i would kill for :grin: I actually knew about him before yellowstone, but it was the Jeff Bridges movie Crazy heart that made me aware of him…

I don’t know the song Trond but boy did I enjoy it.

Nice job with the hammer-on’s, especially on an acoustic. I liked the the small pauses too and the timing was kept well even with those in there. Nice vocals as always.

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Thanks for listening Stefan! Much appreciated :grin::pray:

A nice song very nicely played Trond. The little hammer ons really added a lot to the song. Great job!

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Nice Trond! I’m a huge Ryan Bingham fan - been so since the first time I hear Bread and Water about 15 years ago. You go the vibe of the song down and I too like the hammer ons. It is hard to pick out the little embellishments he uses all throughout his songs. I have started and stopped Southside of Heaven more times than I can count.

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Thanks a lot for listening @Eddie_09 !! Very much appreciated :pray:

Thanks @frito ! Hahaha, i too have attempted southside of heaven a numerous times :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Hey Trond, the 3 chord song guys are rockin’!
Don’t know the song but I really enjoyed your version. Lots of feeling and emotion in your vocal. Your strumming pattern with the embellishments along with the timing and dynamic that you introduced worked really well.
Well done.

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Good to hear another from Trond’s Kitchen, Trond. Play and sing with heart and feeling and that is engaging, regardless of number of chords, simplicity of the playing. You play and sing with freedom, always such a great feel and vibe.

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Thanks for listening in Gordon! :pray:
Yep, «3 chords» guys are rockin :rofl:
Dont under estimate «3 chords and the truth» :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Thanks again Gordon, much appreciated!

Thanks for listening in David! Much appreciated :pray:

Yep, my kitchen is my «studio» :rofl::rofl::rofl: most convenient place with the best sound. I dont have any chairs that fit me though. So i have to use a «brick» of a book to get my foot up so i can rest my guitar in the right height :rofl::rofl::rofl:

If you look closely up in the right corner, that is the heavy chunky tiger that fell down on my guitar the other day, i have my guitar stand placed right under that shelf :grin:

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Hi Trond! I’m not familiar with the song and liked it very much, without comparing to the original! Good vibes are coming over! Loved your dynamics and your “spicing” to make those three chords so enjoyable. Your singing is always a pleasure too. When I close my eyes, I could imagine to sit somewhere next to you on a patio or somewhere out in the nature and listen for hours. Bravo!

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Thanks a lot Andrea!! :pray: You are way to kind :grin:
Very much appreciated! Thanks for listening!

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Really liked this, tRONd. I may have heard it while watching Yellowstone, but not sure. Liked the hammer-ons and your vocals. Look forward to your next piece.


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That was great dude. I always like your delivery, very Eddie-Vedder-acoustic-style which fits really well with my tastes.

If that was the guitar that the naughty tiger jumped onto, well, it still sounds pretty sweet.

BTW - I noticed that at a couple of points into the song you slipped the beat, and started playing on the offbeat. Probably really hard for most to notice, I can’t help but pick up timing/rhythm things though.

Hopefully you get more guitar time soon. Or maybe the other summertime activities are just so good it doesn’t matter :grinning:

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Hi JK.
Thanks for listening :pray: Eddie Vedder :rofl::rofl::rofl:

That off beat, is it all the time?

There is one time were i forgot the lyrics and had to wing it to get back and it totally messes up the timing.

In general my timing and counting is really bad, i am working with it and have gone back to counting out loud. But i struggle a lot with it.

Yep, the guitar that was smashed the other day :grin:

Thanks for listening Chris! :pray:
You probably heard it before, the original sounds a lot different :grin:

Love this Trond, another Bingham fan here!
I really like the sutil strumming with the hammer ons, it fits really well with the vocal performance you’re giving.
Keep sharing these “boring” songs please :sweat_smile:

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