All of me by John Legend (simple chords only)

Hello everyone, hope you had a great weekend. I’ve been a little occupied for the past week :grin:. Still haven’t made much progress with the “Should I stay or should I go”, but I will stay with it until I get there :rofl:.

Until then I thought I could learn another favorite of mine and my wife’s “All of me”. I cannot do the finger style version at the moment. I will learn them as the module comes. But I thought I’d give the simplified chords version a try. Please let me know how it sounds.

PS: I forgot to hit record the first time I was playing and had to record it again :man_facepalming:. I have been trying new D’addario 11-52 XT strings and while they sound great, they aren’t definitely as friendly with the fingers as the 10 gauge ones.


Nice and neat, don’t worry about the odd buzzing, that will clean up with practice.

I must admit I prefer the .010 - .047 strings on acoustic, as they are a bit tighter than on the electric.

They will be a good workout for your fingers anyways.

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You’re making steady progress Swashata. Good work.

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Well done, Swashata, that sounded good. Strumming was smooth, chord changes on the whole pretty good, and an even tempo.

Something to think about is the accent in your strumming between high and low. There were moments when I think you were doing that really well, with a full strum catching the low strings followed by strums that targeted the higher strings, other times the emphasis was much more on the high strings. Eventually (not sure where in the new Grades) you’ll work on being able to pick a bass note on say the 1 and 3 and strum UDU on the 2& and 4&.

This not a criticism or flaw in the current, all is good as you played it.

I also liked this recording. Fun to see something a little different with the inclusion of the app as an insert. For the benefit of others working on their productions, would you mind sharing the details of what you used and how you put this together?

@Rod58, Rod, if Swashata shares what he did it may be of interest and helpful to you as you think more about this.

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Thanks a lot @DavidP for your feedback. I haven’t learnt the individual string picking from the course videos yet. Actually for this song I try to strum very softly, making very soft sound. This is what you suggested on one of my previous videos and I thought this would go nicely for this song too. I was aiming for quieter guitar sound during vocals/verses. During chorus, I was aiming to play a little louder.

Now while recording I strummed a little harder worrying if the mic would be able to pick it up or not. After listening to it, I think I can strum softly instead.

For the setup I would be happy to share what I have done. I have used OBS and a few other free and open source software for this. I will see if there’s a section in the community where I can post those in detail.

Thank a lot batwoman for checking through my progress. I feel like I have a lot of teachers here :smiley:

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Thanks Swashata. Feel free to write it up here and I’ll move into an existing or new topic if necessary.

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The playing is coming along nicely Swashata.

Did you play it for your wife?

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Thanks Stefan. Indeed I played it for my wife :smiley:

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