Ambient Guitar

Does anyone one have any interest in ambient guitar ? Its a form of music making which I am becoming fascinated with an its a million milescaway from my usual blues/rock interests.

I think the basics are a compressor,volume pedal plus delay and reverb. Im looking forward to discovering more.


There already was a thread about ambient:

Maybe the OP @JasonBuk can help you?

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You could try some simple fingerpicking arpeggios too, they sound great with the echos.

And I’ll add in a bonus modulation pedal…. :yum:

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Ambient guitar is a great way to improvise and stretch out musically. My personal preference is to feed something interesting into a looper or put on a drone backing track. I don’t do swells and other ambient specific cliches, but delay, reverb and a little dirt are enough to get going:
Ambient Night Loop

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Thank you.