Anarchy In The UK by Sex Pistols Lesson

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Is the best way to learn to do the shifts without looking to get them right looking first and then start doing them without looking or is it better to try doing them without looking from the beginning?

Apart from the speed of the song this looks relatively ‘easy’
Is it a good half step from open chords to barre chords?

Any chance I can get some help with the tone settings for my amp. I’m a little new to this new fangled electric guitar thing. Thanks!

Question about reading your tabs for this song. In the video when youre playing the first verse, you show 2 strums with your ring finger and pinky on the 3 & 4th strings and index on the six, and every third strum you lift up only your index. On the tabs for that third strum it only shows you playing the sixth string open, and nothing on the 3 & 4 strings. Is that a mistake or are we just supposed to assume you leave your fingers on those strings like you do in the video? Is that an advanced way of reading tabs or am I missing something?