TAB Subscription - error reporting

FAO everyone who uses JustinGuitar TABs.

Justin is aware that some TAB published via the subscription service are a slight mismatch for the lesson he teaches. He receives TAB from the publishers and they do not always match his detailed transcriptions, which he uses to teach the songs.
Over time some issues of this nature have been reported but due to competing work demands, the task of updating has been on the back burner.
Justin wants to address that to ensure that people who are paying for the service receive what they expect for their money.
I have searched through old community topics and found a number of songs where a report had been made.

Can I please make this request.

If you encounter TAB that does not match Justin’s lesson can you please report in this topic or in the lesson specific topic and tag me in your comment.

The same goes for TAB where there are any other issues. For example, I know of some where there are lyrics but no chord chart.

The songs I have reported for a fix so far are:

[1] The Thrill Is Gone - solo

[2] Free Fallin’

[3] Son Of A Preacher Man

[4] The Last Time

[5] Landlisde

[6] Nothing Else Matters and here

[7] Gravity

[8] Black Night

[9] The Sound Of Silence

[10] Cinnamon Girl

[11] Anarchy In The UK

[12] Stairway To Heaven

[13] Ain’t No Sunshine

[14] Wild Horses

[15] Ring Of Fire

[16] House Of The Rising Sun

[17] We Wish You A Merry Christmas

[18] Happy

[19] Layla unplugged

[20] Lithium

[21] Sweet Caroline

[22] California Dreamin’

[23] Gravity

[24] Thunderstruck

[25] The Final Countdown

[26] Mamma Mia

[27] Brothers In Arms

[28] She’s Electric

[29] Before You Accuse Me

[30] Hey Joe

[31] Imagine

[32] Ooh La La

[33] Born To Be Wild

[34] Who Says

[35] While My Guitar Gently Weeps - no tabs, only chords

[36] Mmm Mmm Mmm

[37] Cardigan


Bookmarked, in case I find any in the future.

Thank you Richard for reviewing and compiling that list, must have been a mammoth task. And @JustinGuitar for his diligence in wanting to maintain “customer” expectations. :+1: