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This is not the first video of me playing which I have uploaded to the forums, but it is my first official AVOYP. I’ve been playing since the end of October last year. A couple of mistakes, and of course some beginner issues with strings ringing out etc, but I felt I should hurry up and commit to giving it a proper go. No metronome because even when I successfully synced up with the tempo, it always seemed slightly too fast or too slow; this feels like a song that does better without exactitude. Plus, that extra thing to focus on was really throwing off everything else.

I practiced this over and over for a good few hours (today, and many days over the last couple of months), this end result is my fingers finally following orders, mostly, and my voice tired as heck but still somehow hitting the notes lol.

I left the tail end of the second-last attempt in, it felt more real to include a hint at the struggle, I guess!

This is as simple song good for beginners, and I set myself a challenge adding in some individual picked strings and stuff, but it could easily be done without that stuff and just a regular strumming pattern.


G’day Constance, Connie, CC, or Claire or whatever and congratulations! :smiley:
How good is that for someone playing just over half a year? :smiley:
Loved the charming pep talk before the final take.
Competent alternate bass note plucking with intermittent runs thrown in and gorgeous vocals to boot, which I’m sure will be even more spectacular when the playing requires less concentration and is no longer ‘tired as heck’ :rofl:
Bravo & Encore! :bouquet:


Thanks Brian!

Hi Constance,
Ooooo the real first :partying_face: :sunglasses: :clap:

Brian has almost literally said what I wanted to say … well , I would like to add, as I said before ’ with great expectation ’ … you have met that expectation 100% … that voice :woozy_face:so so good …
Thanks and,

Bis Bis Bis :clap: :clap: :clap: :bouquet:


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Thanks Rogier :slight_smile:

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I really enjoyed that. Very well done for playing less than year. I particularly liked that you decided to add some picked notes to the arrangement, even though it makes it more challenging.
The tempo was “living” and it suited the song - I think it was the right choice to not play it to metronome.
You have a beautiful voice that sounds like you have some singing experience prior to taking up the guitar?

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Thank you Jacob :slight_smile:
I did sing in school choirs before high school, and I sing a lot to my favourite songs just for fun.

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Constance, thank you for this. Well done! Liked the tempo, it flowed well. The experts already gave great comments on your technique. :slight_smile: Loved your voice, too. Look forward to hearing you play again.

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Sounds great :exclamation: Only from last october :interrobang: :interrobang: :interrobang: :interrobang: I’m impressed. That’s a great first shot :exclamation:Keep on my friend and tanks for sharing :pray: :pray: :pray:

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I cannot believe you have playing for less than a year, it’s incredible. I’m speechless! Just keep doing whatever you are doing, you will be amazing in a very short space of time.
Well done!

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That was great Constance. You have a beautiful singing voice and super playing after just a year or so. I was nowhere near your level when I had been playing for a similar time.

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That was very well done, Constance! :clap:

Wouldn’t have guessed that you are on your guitar journey since October only. You’ve already come a long way, so I can only echo what my fellows already said. Very enjoyable listen, you have a lovely singing voice! :slight_smile:

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Ah that’s an amazing result for someone who only started in October! Congratulations on your first official AVOYP - that motivational speech must have worked wonders. I’m definitely going to aim for “pefect-ish-enough” from now on :rofl:

Oh also, your singing voice has a very calming quality.

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Thank you Chris :slight_smile:

Thanks Luc :slight_smile:

@Eddie_09 @Lisa_S @twistor59 @BigLuc @CBVocals
(The forum help pop-up has advised me to smash my replies into one)

Thank you all for your kind words. :heartpulse: It’s quite heartening to hear repeated sentiments that I’m progressing well; truthfully, I was thinking I’m behind, still struggling on specific chords and not able to consistently keep up improvements from session to session. It feels pertinent to mention that this specific song is the one I’ve done enough work on to get here, the others are still with the app and the lyrics open :sweat_smile:

I’m glad the insight to the previous hours of determination was appreciated, too, it felt a tad indulgent including it so I’m relieved to know it was the right call.

Thank you all again, and may we all keep at it despite every setback and wildly surpass our own expectations! :tada:


Three “Thumbs Up” from me, CC!!!
One for your level of skill for a short time playing!
One for your very enjoyable singing!
One for the courage to post your effort!!!
Congrats on your achievement, keep it up!!!


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Very well done, Constance! I enjoyed your rendition. Great progress for less than a year in! Combining singing and playing already…
Your voice sounds very mellow and you have a wonderful basis to support your playing. Keep on doing what you are doing, seems to be the right way!

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What a lovely way to start the day Connie. Nothing to fault at all with your playing, your time feel/rhythm was very good and your vocals were excellent. You are progressing really well and this post shows very well all of the hard work you must have put in so far. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing :+1: :clap:

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@Helen0609 @Tim_Wilson

Thank you all :slight_smile: