Anders from Denmark - hello everybody

Hi everybody :slightly_smiling_face:

A little introduction…

Never touched a guitar before I turned 48, that’s now 2+ years ago and haven’t been able to put it down ever since. My wife rediscovered her passion for music about 3 years ago started playing and singing with a friend. My 2 kids both play as well, one is a drummer and the other one plays the piano and guitar - so pretty much surrounded by music :guitar:
I love learning new things, love music and what it can do to your mind, brain, metal health so why not join my wife’s guitar journey?!
Started with other apps until I found Justin’s fantastic lessons on… Everything guitar and music theory… We try to play every single day if at all possible and it’s just incredible what it’s given us so far, and can’t think of a reason to ever stop again :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello Anders! I’ve got family in Denmark that I don’t know. My grandmother came to the USA in 1910 from Ålborg.

Hello Anders. Welcome to the Community.
It sounds like you and your family are having the best of fun and making music a way of life!
Good times.

Hey Mark
How cool is that :sunglasses:

Actually some of my ancestors migrated to the us, think it was later than yours but from the same generel area in Denmark

Small World

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Hi and welcome,

Find your optimal entry point here!

See you around!

Welcome Anders,

How cool to be able to jam with your family.
This is a goal of mine to be able to jam with my brother (very good guitar) and daughter (beginner keyboard).

Have fun