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1 While My Coffee Goes Cold soundcloud file here
2 Kinda Funny soundcloud file here
3 You stand tall soundcloud file here

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While My Coffee Goes Cold


Kinda Funny

You stand tall


A song idea about reflective moods (reinforced by the pondering groans of the outro) I wrote back in 2006 (I think) but sat on the shelf until now, when I developed, arranged and recorded in Cakewalk. All instruments are mine other than drums and piano generated in Band-in-a-Box.
I think the staccato 8th notes of piano and mandolin provide a good backdrop and I’m happy with the different feel of the bridge.

Check out some of my other songs on my Soundcloud page.

Sippin’ coffee while I look outside
I never daydream – I just lose my mind in the truth.
Would I wonder what tomorrow brings?
Will I treat it like a stranger that’s hiding from view?

And while the sun goes down, I realise the very things it takes from me.
And while the sun goes down, I reflect on things that could be,
And ponder while my coffee goes cold.

Little things I put them to one side
‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’ is a convenient lie or a plea.
Is it just another blip on the radar?
Just another light aircraft lost at sea?


Please, don’t worry about me
I’m okay over here, and ‘okay’ isn’t trying to deceive
I’m at ease, in my melancholy
I’m not in danger, I’m not suffering disease

Right now I worry less what’s to come
I’ll blame my pre-frontal cortex for its lethargy
Here I go again blaming another
Revealing details that will blow my cover – but we’ll be safe I know

And while the sun goes down, I realise the very things you give to me.
And while the sun goes down, I reflect on things that have been,
And smile while my coffee goes cold.


cool, go a Zappa vibe from it!

That was an impressive production Andrew. Had a late 90’s feel to it. Nice job!

@Eddie_09 Ah! The 90s Brit Rock - take us back there, please!

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When everything was cooler Andrew!!

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You kept this little gem to yourself too long. We shoulda gigged with it! Love this Andrew.

Sounds great, Andrew, really enjoyed it. I am not too into 90s Brit Rock but I got a slight taste of REM … please take that as a compliment.

Good to have you (and @Knee_Wobbler) join us here. I look forward to you sharing more of the music you continue to produce and sharing your experience with others here, either learning and sharing covers or the few that are producing original songs.

Hello Andrew, congratulations on this great production :clap::+1::star_struck:!!
I feel deep respect for everybody who is able to put a multi-intrumental and multi-layered tune together. Especially, if it’s sounding that nice :blush:.
Thanks a lot for sharing :hugs:.

Like this a lot Andrew, really nice production and very cool tune :slight_smile:

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Gigging - what’s that?

@DavidP Def taking R.E.M. as a compliment! “That’s me in the corner…”

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@NicoleKKB Thanks so much! I am relatively new at the home recording and mixing caper, and I find the creation and arranging of tracks to be almost as rewarding as writing the song itself! Never too old to learn!


Great mantra :smiley:!

This song ‘Kinda funny’ was written for the challenge “write a song in a minor key” (3 of us meet regularly to reveal our songwriting response to a challenge set by one of us). The opening line of this song was borrowed from internet humour I read years ago (how to write a blues song), which in turn inspired the development of the story in the lyrics.

Kinda funny - Lyrics:

I shot a blind dog down in Memphis, ‘cos he looked at me the wrong way
Let that be a cautionary tale if you disrespectin’ what I say

The irony hasn’t escaped me none, that I’d take offense to a mongrel so blind
But I gotta kinda funny feeling in my waters that he’d snitch my britches from behind

I been months on the road without a bath, I been chaffin’ up really fierce
My solitude’s proven quite handy in those moments of ointment and beers

As I lay me down to get me some shut-eye, I felt a hot, rank breath on the back of my neck
Through one opened eye identify the mutt so determined to join my trek

Even though I like only one log beside the fire
This old mate is one dog that never tires
Always inspires, follows me higher and higher


His eyes are rot, his sense of smell is not, he caught a whiff of the danger right on the spot
And he guided me up to safety and our hunter fell with just one shot

I feel rather shameful I treated him bad at first
He must have known I was living like I was cursed
Thinking the worst, but waiting to be inspired

Even though I like only one log beside the fire
This old mate is one dog that never tires
Always inspires, follows me higher and higher

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Cool stuff, Andrew! :smiley:

Two nice tunes you got there. I liked the first one a little more, probably because I relate to this kind of pondering. :smiley: Nice groove going on for both. I enjoyed the listen! :slight_smile:

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You stand tall
Here’s a new song I finished last week ‘You stand tall’.

Written in 2016 and recorded and arranged in August 2023, about standing up to life’s challenges, in spite of feeling inadequate and like you’re ‘faking it’.

Hi Andrew,
Very enjoyable listen. 3 different sounding tunes. I imagine quite a bit of time and effort went into their production.
Enjoyed your lyrics, particularly the line ‘I’ll blame my pre-frontal cortex for its lethargy’
After listening to ‘while my coffee goes cold’ I had to go listen to some ELO - not sure if my pre-frontal cortex is responsible for this.
Thanks for sharing.
Best wishes,

Thanks @Alan_1970 . I think I can safely say the line from my song you have quoted has never appeared in song before! :grinning:

ELO have been a strong influence for me, as have The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Paul Simon, Billy Joel, Blur, Jack Johnson and Thirsty Merc.

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