Angie -The Rolling Stones (short)

Hi everybody,
Well, here it is,…a short version like Justin teaches only without a Steve…Oh what a pity, I’d love to have a Steve,…so your name is Steve and, :upside_down_face:

It’s the song I tried to play for Justin…well I thought I’d do an easy one. :laughing:
I wanted to practice this one for a lot longer this weekend,…and frankly this is already recording 3 of this morning,…but after Maggie @batwoman ( :sunflower:) pointed me out something this morning I decided not to bother to much and must send this today into the world,…there is still so much to refine ,but that’s for later, for now I’m very satisfied ,although I thought it was necessary to record the looper recording that I had this recorded at the same time also to be posted below :blush: (small steps)…

So,…if someone wants to point this out to Justin that I can at least do a little better than then… :innocent: :joy:.


And the recording with the phone in front of the Amp and upped the reverb on the amp a bit.

And I’ve been trying to post this for a while…no idea why he keeps posting this last one twice…for now I’m giving up .this last posting took much longer than recording :grimacing: ---- Mod edit: I’ve sorted that out for you @roger_holland (thanks David…I really need to check this out :wink:)

Greetings and i hope you liked it,
Ps:Does anyone notice that t-shirt of mine,…thank you Justin and team…it will be the Thumbnail but that became my cat :upside_down_face:, and she doesn’t want to be replaced apparently by me and my t-shirt :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ,…so wait for my helpline to start working for me…

Edit: the same version/settings as the video, just put the phone in front of the amplifier and kicked the on…


Whoah ! That was outstanding Rogier :+1:. I just listened to this while having my morning coffee and waiting for my wife and kids to wake up and boy what a great way to start the weekend. I tried to learn this song previously but it was an epic fail. Superb rendition :+1::+1::+1:.

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Thank you Eddie,
Those are very nice words,…I wish you a lot of fun with this one, but considering what you’re already doing it will definitely work out, :sunglasses:…I was also working on this for a while…a little more than a lot :grimacing: :sweat_smile:

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Your work paid off big time Rogier. Sounded wonderful!! :sunglasses:

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Rogier, I’m so glad you took @batwoman’s post this morning to heart. While our inner critic can be helpful to continue to drive to improve, when realism and perspective is lost I think that becomes counter-productive.

This rendition is certainly well beyond the point at which I think it is good enough to post as a work-in-progress. I know that is a relative line that is dependent on the individual and the song. Given my perception of your play-grade and the song, I think it is at a level where you can be satisfied with progress and over time hone in on those places where you’d like to be a little better.

I really enjoyed watching you play this. It showcased a range of skills, and you nailed the vibe of the original. Bravo.

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Hi David ,
Thanks for the cleaning up above :grin:
And more thanks for you words,…I take them to heart,…I know, but knowing and doing,So better to say it a lot more than once ,than one time too little :blush:
comment makes me happy and I’m glad you enjoyed it,…You are just like me a big Stones listener…(fan…,normaly i don`t use the word fan). I’ve seen them live 3 times, once in the KUIP at one and a half / two meters for 5 or 6 songs,…they played very intimately in the middle on a mini stage which I gambled upon entering the stadion, and so I stood there with my wife while everyone else closed in front … and wow, good guess … Angie was also played there…

That’s sounding great, Rogier, you’ve really got the vibe of the song! Your timing is quite good too, I’ve wanted to learn this one but have always thought the timing is a bit tricky. You’ve inspired me to give it a go :slightly_smiling_face:

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What a treat that must have been, Rogier, to be up close and personal. I have seen them once when they visited South Africa on the Voodoo Lounge tour, just after the end of apartheid in '95. It was memorable (though not as good as Deep Purple supported by Uriah Heap)

I do love the Stones, particularly the 4 magnificent albums that preceded Goats Head Soup, which is not a great album, and from which I think fair to say that Angie is the stand-out song, and is one of the many great songs on their catalogue.

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Hi Mari, @Mari63
Thanks,I’m happy with what you say,…I listened to it once before posting, but only to hear about not too big mistakes…timing I didn’t even pay attention, and on many more things not…oops :see_no_evil:
And I’ve heard a lot from you, … this will definitely sound good if you play it :sunglasses:

And David,
Definitely a special experience,… and if I remember correctly I was in Germany with a group of friends to see Voodoo lounge with a great band as support act that I can’t remember now…good times… :sunglasses:…I can also remember the images of them in various programs in South Africa…also good times back then…everything would always get better and more beautiful, there, here and everywhere… :thinking:,


Great :exclamation: This is a WOW :bangbang: Thank you.

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That was fantastic Roger I loved it. :clap:t2: :clap:t2: Love the t-shirt but you were right to make your cat the thumbnail she’s way cuter :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi Luc, @BigLuc
Thanks,…i appreciate this,… :sunglasses:

Hi Nancy,
Thank you very much and sweet :blush:…and thank you I think for that last comment :thinking:…no you’re right :joy: :rofl:,…I don’t get it done ,it`s not too high MB or KB my intended photo,…I’m going to solve it differently,…
Don’t be scared… :innocent:


Oh Rogier, you beauty … and where will it lead you from here.
You have the pieces and the feel.
I like it.

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Thank you Richard, :grin:
:blush:,…Very sweet of you,…
And if not, I’d love to hear it…

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Way beyond my play grade to provide any meaningful feedback. I’m glad you took the advice you gave me… that @batwoman is always right… it sounded wonderful and as @David pointed out it showcased a range of skills so It was a really good watch but therefore just too short :wink: oh and the T-Shirt looks great :+1:


Hi Rogier, this is the first AVofYouP I see :blush: I think you’re doing a very good job…you seem to switch from lead to strumming and back quite confidently, I’m impressed as I’ve always thought it to be a very difficult thing. I enjoyed it, bravo! :blush:

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Liked that, well played, I am sure Justin would approve.

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That was great Roger, instantly recognisable. Thought you played them both well and with some feeling but I think I preferred the one without the reverb. Strange as I love my reverb but I thought the first sounded closer to the original.

Will you develop this into the full song ? Hope so !
Good share.


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Hi James @Socio ,
Thanks for your nice words, and I think anyone can comment ( about doing things better if he see/hear things) whatever your playing level is, :blush: ,but I understand the hesitation ofcourse…Garry. @Papa_G ,…said that well a while ago in a good way,…
Maggie will see all those tags from everyone when she wakes up and thinks what… is happening,… :joy:,…

Hi Silvia, @SILVIA
Mille volte grazie,… :blush:
It also did not come naturally and I like that the people here know and see that it takes a lot of effort, … nice, but sweating :sweat_smile:
annnnd…first AVofYOUp( :laughing:),…OOoooo,I’ve done soooo many,…sei perdonato :innocent:

Hi Trevor @skinnyt ,
Thanks,…I hope so, he was not happy about my last performance in his presence,…not practiced well/long enough, he said in slightly different words, :smile: (and he was correct)…and if not, the t-shirt will hopefully make everything right,. .I hand over the rights in case he is so strange that he wants to use that photo :joy:,

Hi Toby, @TheMadman_tobyjenner
Thank you,…and :exploding_head: less reverb saying… :rofl: :joy: :rofl:
I completely understand what you mean,…and I also agree with you, but the first performance sounds a bit tinny to me(?)…I’m going to be able to listen to this on Sunday over the speakers of my hi-fi instead of the computer boxes when I do extra extra sweet here at home…
Now I’m extra happy that I almost didn’t have the reverb on at first… it’s still on my looper so I can record the same recording with my phone in front of the amplifier with the extra reverb off…
then I hear the honest difference in how I sit and sound… :sunglasses:
Thanks for this ,and greetings


That was great Rogier you have really played it well and as Toby said recognizable straight away! Hope to hear further sections of the song from you at some point in the future :smiley: all the best!

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