Annoying disruptions while practising via app

I’ve been using the app for a while now, reached module 11. I really enjoy Justin’s videos and learning material.

But that app has some quirks that are rather annoying that disrupts the flow of practicing.

The more recent is a popup prompting to enter a contest to win a guitar. I’ve had this pop up several times now. Once it popped up in the middle while I was playing a song. The options to respond is Enter Now or Maybe Later, but no Never or Dismiss.

Similarly, there is a popup that keeps asking if I enjoy the app, if you say yes you are prompted to make a review in the app store, the other is “Later”. Again, no option to permanently dismiss. I understand getting a review is important to drive marketing of the app, but the way it’s currently working I find it rather disruptive. When I sit down to practice I really don’t want to be typing up reviews (send me an email that I can respond to later.) Another issue is that I’ve not wanted to make a review right now as I’ve been hoping for some issues with the app to improve stabilize. (For instance, for a while I had a really hard time getting the app to start, it’d just get stuck on the load screen, that’s been better the last couple of weeks though.) Another significant issue is that the Songs tab is very sluggish, with 2-4secs delay in action after tapping the screen. (It’s a decent tablet that plays 3d games well, but for some reason the Songs section of this app is very sluggish.) With that in mind I didn’t want to make a review of it in it’s current state. But the popups keeps nagging a few times each week.

Something else that’s begun the last couple of weeks is that I get the intro screen, like the first time you open the app. All my progress is still there, but I have to click past a few screens with intro text before I can access the main screen. This one I haven’t reported yet. I’ve haven’t had a whole lot of response to my previous feedbacks I’ve sent via the app so I feel somewhat discouraged to provide further feedback.

I’m hoping these stability issues can be resolved, and that the popups can be turned off. I really wish for an app that simply let me immerse in the practice. I recently realized the website had a lot of this content, and it seems to give a more stable and uninterrupted experience than the app, though not with all the features of the app.


Maybe some of the team could work on the feedback…
@Fanny_JustinGuitar_Team @MusopiaApps

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Thanks for the feedback, Thomas.

The app is produced by a separate company, Musopia, in partnership with Justin. I shall pass this on to the Justin Team who do engage with Musopia.

For more direct feedback, you can connect with them: Justin Guitar Lessons & Songs App - Musopia Contact Details

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That is a legitimate JustinGuitar / Musopia entry. not some random 3rd party advert.

Sure, but I’d really like to opt out of any such prompts. I just want to sit down with the guitar and fall into the zone. And especially when I’m in the middle of a song.

I use the app for the songs and stick with the website for everything else. That said, despite being an app subscriber, it now shows you an ad for the app every time you open it…and you cannot close it until you flip through all of the ad’s slides. It’s a minor annoyance, but an annoyance nonetheless.

It’d be lovely if they’d spend some time quality checking songs covered in Justin’s lessons to be sure they function correctly (looking at Every Rose has its Thorn, from the Stuck 3/4 lesson…it’s bad, and reported).

Hi all,

We are aware of the title cards issue and this is scheduled to be resolved in our next major update on 01/07/2022.

We are also improving the stability and features available in the songplayer section of the app so that any delay after tapping the songs tab is fixed and this is also due to go live with the next major update on 01/07/2022.

Finally, we have asked our development team to add a dismiss button on all in-app notifications so they never appear in the app again should users wish to dismiss them.

We are sorry that you have experienced these issues and we are addressing all of the feedback you have given us and hope to implement all of the features you have mentioned soon! :slight_smile:


@MusopiaApps Thanks for the feedback; greatly appreciated!

I’ve gotten this update, and the Songs tab feel more responsive. Still some lag (0.5-1s), but a great improvement from before.

Also, I like the new Playlist feature, allowing me to organize the songs. :+1::+1: (I’m a little paranoid in terms of loosing my progress and playlists though, given that it all appear to track per device. If I need a new device I’d have to set it up all again, in addition to loosing the progress.)

Great to hear! I haven’t had any issues the past few days since the update. :+1: