Another Day In Paradise - Phil Collins

Glad you enjoyed the song choice Shane and thanks for the supportive comments. Yes I thought it was important to include the repeated riff as that is really the thing that makes this song instantly recognisable.

Thanks for the listen and support Brian.

Funny you should say that Brian. To play in the original key it’s capo fret 1. Although having said that, the original must be tuned very slightly differently because with capo at fret 1 it’s just not quite right. Not noticeable when strumming, just a tiny bit out for the riff. Either that or my tuner isn’t accurate! :woozy_face:
Anyway, I tried singing with no capo and with the capo on various frets and I just couldn’t find the right pitch for my voice. I ended up with a choice of a bit too high or a bit too low. I settled on capo fret 2, a bit too low, but it sounded less strained although I agree with you that I lost power.

Gordon, enjoyed the guitar and vocals for this song. I had never thought of playing this on an acoustic, so I have added another song to my must play some day list. I am happy to go 1 minute without a major hiccup on my playing when I add any riffs to my strumming, so I am impressed with the one take.

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Oh how I love your or perhaps it’s Google translate’s turn of phrase Rogier :joy:
Glad you enjoyed my choice of song. Yes you’re right. I think this is my first video with blinds drawn and the lights on!


Maybe Brian Larsen has got ants, ants and more ants stuck in Rogier’s head. I think there’s a story here :thinking:


:smile: This kind of …kuch…stuff … google can’t help me…(usually not) with that,
and James @Socio , I didn’t click on it (very busy now )but I put all the ant’s stuff in Brian’s head and now I can’t stop it anymore…and I also sometimes use Google Translate as an excuse to get away with something (but it sometimes creates and changes ridiculous sentences that later mysteriously change in the crazy story ??? and if I forget to check that, it says sometimes something very bad… sometimes something funny and sometimes something completely incomprehensible (and the latter can sometimes just be me :innocent:)

I just saw again somewhere in a thread that people often don’t understand me or don’t want to understand… it doesn’t matter, not everyone can have to like the style, explaining it exactly is often difficult and takes too much time and people just need to make a little more effort doing :smile:

As long as we can laugh it`s all good :sunglasses:


You guys… always heading straight for the lowest common denominator :roll_eyes: :laughing:

You left out my favourite, James :wink:


Hello Gordon, what a beautiful rendition of this song :blush:!
I particularly like the dynamic changes of your strumming and the smooth way how you incorporated the melody. It’s not easy to make it sound so effortless. You did great on it :+1::clap:. And as I listened to it today, it’s a Wednesday One Take to me :grin:.

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@CD02 @Dro_1
Thanks so much for taking time to listen and comment guys. Much appreciated.
Thanks Silvia. Glad you enjoyed the song. As for getting a microphone from Santa, I find learning guitar is enough for me. I’m not going down that rabbit hole. :smiley:

@skinnyt @SDKissFan @CATMAN62
Trevor, Jeff, Tod. Thanks guys. As always, I appreciate you taking time to listen and comment.

You’re so right Tod.

@Jwaters @SgtColon @Eddie_09
I’m so pleased you guys enjoyed the song. Yes, the riff is the ‘hook’ that makes the song.

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Thanks David. Nothing wrong with a strum a dum song of course but in order to push myself on I’m trying to include some note picking of one type or another in my songs. Unfortunately that makes the songs more difficult to get right so might mean the end of the ‘one takes’ :smile:.

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Hi Gordon,
I enjoyed this a lot. What a great performance. I particularly liked the way you switched between up-down strumming to just down strokes to vary the dynamics: very effective.

The acoustic duo at my local bar often perform this song and I always enjoy hearing it, so I’m glad I found some time to listen to your performance.



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Hi Pam. Glad you enjoyed my version of the song and that you’re also a Phil Collins fan. Yes the riff was fun to learn and play.

Yes the original is a piano song with little acoustic guitar fills here and there but with a bit of experimentation you can pretty much make any song your own on solo acoustic guitar. I’m pleased you enjoyed my take on it.

@NicoleKKB @Majik
Thanks for the listen Nicole and Keith. I’m pleased you both enjoyed the strum change dynamic. As I’ve said to others above, the original is quite different with multiple instruments, drums etc. So I tried to add my own ‘interest’.
Thanks again for taking time to listen and comment.


Oh, Gordon, what a sincere and truthful performance!
Thank you.
And great guitar job with this not simple song.

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Wow Gordon that was really impressive! Man i am on and off on the forum lately, but you my dear Sair are still developing and with every single cover you are introducing more and more fancy stuff! Awesome interpretation, thanks for sharing!

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@crocodile1 @adi_mrok
Leo, Adrian. Thanks so much for taking the time to listen and comment. I’m pleased you enjoyed my version of this great song.

I’m trying to put a bit more into my songs now with little lead lines, but as I said to David earlier, it makes things more difficult and the ‘one takes’ might suffer. :woozy_face:

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Terrific performance again Gordon. Well done sir!

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Thanks for the listen and kind comments Ian. Much appreciated.

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Hi Sar,
Not sure how this one slipped by me. I like it and the fancy pick work you’re doing. Maybe the vocals could have been delivered with a bit more power behind them. But that is subjective for sure. Great sounding job of it mate and do take good care!


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Thanks for the listen and taking time to comment LB.

Yes you’re right there. For some reason I just couldn’t find the right key for my voice on this one.