Any good places to post just music? Recordings of my playing for feedback

Is there a place or way to post just music files for others to review. I don’t have youtube, just audio files. Plus its a first time post at least for me.


For audio files you can use but you could always host files on a cloud share like Google Drive or similar and make the file accessible to “any one with link”.
Then just drop the address in the topic you create here.

Hope that helps.


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There is a section for it, or post a learning log and add to that.

Soundcloud or YouTube work well for hosting the recording

You can start a learning log over here

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I won’t post to YouTube due to policies, and I am generally silent on the internet without any social accounts beyond Justin guitar here.

I have set up a couple things on a google shared file and linked that in here. A few people won’t look at it and if you plan to do a lot, it is probably not the easiest for you or the folks you want to share with. It is an alternate way, however.


I think you can do that through iCloud as well, if you are in Apple land.

Have not tried it myself with audio/video, but have successfully shared PDF chord and lyric sheets that way.


Hence the generic phrase, I am sure iCloud would be the same, as you would just be sharing another file type, assuming they would mp3 or wav (not sure Apple has a native audio file type).

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