Anyone I used to know?

Wishbone?! Daaaayum welcome back :smiley:


Hey Simon, welcome back! :smiley:
I don’t recall you from the old forum, but I was only there for about four years, and a complete newbie. (Did you have the cool logo there too?)
I can’t believe there used to be a politics & religion section :open_mouth: Was there a swearing section too?
The new site becomes navigable quite quickly and most of the folk from the old forum seem to have migrated. The biggest difference for me is how threads disappear so quickly due to the amount of new posts. It can be hard to keep up.
At the risk of sounding like I’m teaching my granny to suck eggs, at some stage you might want to give a quick introductory post
It’d be cool for those of us who don’t know (can’t remember) you to hear a bit of your journey.
Oh yeah, and thank you for your participation in the early years to make this even possible today :pray:

There are still a few… :rofl:


Hi Keith … Yeah … Everything’s so shiny :grin: … I’ll settle in, mate. It’s nice to see old names popping up again.

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Hey, Lieven … Long time, mate … and thank you! :grin:

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Hi Brian.

Yeah … The ‘Politics and Religion’ sub forum was the swearing section :grin: It absolutely had to be closed, for all the reasons you can think of. It was distracting from talk of guitars and music.

Good point, actually. I’ll stick my head into introductions later in the day and rattle off a little spiel. Thanks for the welcome, mate!

Well here’s news … welcome back my dear old friend. It’s great to see you come back in through the always-open door Simon. I hope you’ve been keeping well, and playing, still blasting out some rock n roll at slightly above sensible volume levels! :slight_smile:
There are a few stalwarts and long-timers who you’ll know.
The Community is bigger and, I’m delighted to say, does continue to run with the supportive, friendly and pay-it-forward ethos as it always had. It is just bigger and there are more sections and more people.

The most notable developments / navigation guides you may want to know about.

When you view the Community by Categories, there is a simple organisation structure.

The first six sections are mainly driven by and for the members.

The 6th is where you will find a whole range of tip topics from Lieven and myself.

The next six sections are website related or connected to subscription courses (Strumming & Theory).

Below that are sections for each of the many courses, lessons, areas of the ever expanding and improving website. Too many to mention.

For a few years the Community have been running regular online open mic events, a major success and a real source of engagement and excitement for everyone involved.

Clubs is a more recent development. Lieven, myself and Lee are three of the Approved Teachers and we offer free sessions on a range of topics every other week.

Other than that, general questions and AVOYP and all the usual are as popular and busy as always. We continue to be blessed with raw beginners brave enough to share their early fumblings and asking for constructive feedback up to very experienced players sharing their love of the instrument and their latest achievement at learning a song or musical piece.

Moderator wise, Lieven - who has been here forever) continues to be a bedrock of all that is good. I’m still around. And we have DavidP as a third good-guy.

The new forum software has greater functionality - one of which is the super useful tag feature by typing @ in front of someone’s user name.



Hello, Amigo! … And thank you for the welcome back. I’m just pottering about the community sections now and finding my way around.

Yeah … there’s no such thing as a ‘Sensible’ volume level. As I think Lemmy said, “If it’s too loud, you’re too old” :grin: Still got all my old guitars … still moddinbg like crazy … and added a not so sensible amount of gear to the collection. I’d love to help where I can from a technical standpoint too; there are so many hacks on social media who are too quick to advise five full turns on the truss rod to anyone asking about fret buzz, it’s scary. Got fed up correcting them.

So here I am … where I remember we never all agreed all the time … but none of us had to put up with too many fools the likes of FB throw at you.

Thanks for the warm welcome back, Rich … Much appreciated.


Ooo, what a pity that I was present on the old forum just too short a time to experience the politics and religion section. :roll_eyes: :grin:

Hi Simon ,

Welcome and it took a while for you to come back ,but beter late than never :sunglasses:, and about the huge crowds on this forum… even in a busy city there are small villages/groups where it is cozy to stay … Have fun :smiley:
Greetings ,Rogier

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Thank you, and greetings to you also, Rogier … oh yes … That sub forum was wild :grin:

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Hey Simon, I’ve never been on the old forum, but wanted to say hello and welcome to the new community, which is a great friendly and supportive place! Sure, you’ll discover that in no time. Have a good start here, I’m already curious about your “Old Dog’s Knowledge”. I’m only 2+ years in, so there’s a lot to learn… :blush:


Hi Helen … and thank you! … I’m 35 years in now … and still so much to learn! Music certainly hath charms … and having a guitar in hand is indeed the best of them :grin:

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Hello, and welcome back Simon. Only been around about 4 years, so we’ve never met.
Looking forward to your valuable input, and you’re playing. Here’s hoping you’re a bit of a bluesman, as I’m always lookin to sponge, borrow, steal, great ideas off experienced players :sunglasses:.

Cheers, Shane


Blue Öyster Cult Lemmy sound levels, gear/modding…
I’d say hold on tight :rofl:

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Hi Shane, and thank you! … Sponging, borrowing and stealing great licks and phrases is exactly how the great Bluesmen filled their trick bags … So you’re definitely doing it right, there :grin:

I love Blues, mate … the way I’ve always seen it, if you can listen to Otis Rush’s 'I can’t quit you baby", and the hairs on your neck don’t stand up, you’re dead inside :wink:

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Eclectic music tastes me, Brian … Everything from Joachim Rodrigo to Motley Crue …

… but if we’re talking Motorhead … the man himself put it best … “Only way to feel the noise is when it’s good and loud” :wink:

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Hey Simon
welcome back! We haven’t met but still wanted to say hi and welcome :slight_smile:
The new community is a great place, hope you stick around
Looking forward to hearing more from you and would love to hear you play :smiley:

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Hello Simon, and welcome to the community :hugs:. It’s great to read, that you’ve decided to give the new forum a chance :smiley:. It’s a busy, but nevertheless very friendly place.
I hope to hear more from you :blush:.

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It seems I have to acquaint myself properly with the draft clipboard before I hurt myself :laughing:

Helen, Jasmine, Nicole … Apologies for not thanking you sooner for you warm welcomes … the forum software said ‘slow down, sunshine’ and limited me to the first nine replies for 24hrs.

Now I’m getting used to the layout, I’m getting comfortable and enjoying the experience :smiley:


Wishbone, that’s a name I haven’t seen in a while! Reds supporter if I remember correctly?

I was and still am mainly a lurker on here, so you might not remember me. But still, welcome back sir! Glad to hear you’re back at this guitar thing!


Aye … You got me, man. If you remember that, you’re definitely a veteran :grin:

Thanks for the welcome back, mate!