Old forum monkey (Re-)Introducing myself

Welcome back! It is always great to have people around who have been playing so long and are still at it. Good to know that my guitar goals of having fun yet still being “bloody useless” are at least realistic.

Yes, we are new, larger and modern, but I think there is a good core group and many good peripheral people having fun discussions and learning. Compared to other forums, this one seems to maintains familiar and homey feel.

Hello Simon :slightly_smiling_face:

A warm welcome (back) to the forum. :sunflower:

Great that you are back again after your long absence.
We haven’t met yet. I’m still fairly new here (joined in June 23), but I like the community a lot and I hope that you’ll soon feel at home again, too.
I don’t know anything about the old forum, but the new one is a great place to hang around, that’s for sure :grinning:
Lots of friendly and helpful people, very international, diverse, longterm members and newbies, advanced players and total beginners (like me).

Have lots of fun on your ongoing musical journey :guitar:

Cheers from Germany
Gunhild :lady_beetle:


Hi Simon :smiley:, welcome back :hugs:.
35 yrs is a long time. I celebrated my 2nd Guitarversary just recently. So, I’m a newby, but very curious to hear some music from you if you like to share it here :star_struck:.


Welcome back Simon! I was not on the old forum. I started my guitar journey in late 2021 and joined the forum here in 2022.

I enjoy taking in the wisdom from those that have been playing longer than me. Would love to see/hear more from you!

My philosophy as well :wink: :guitar:


Not mine. I like the quieter classical stuff.

But I respect you guys. Honest! I do! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi Simon, :smiley:
very nice to meet you! A warm welcome to the new forum. A great decision to reconnect with the ever growing but really friendly and helpful community. I have only been around for a year or so myself (still a newbie!).

Your comment in the other thread about the “not so sensible” amount of gear made me smile - I guess I have some catching up to do myself :grin:. But seriously, your offer to help is awesome – that’s really valuable.
Speaking of your username, Wishbone (Ash), I love their dual lead guitar, too. Definitely I need to get a ticket the next time they’re playing live again in my region.

See you!



Come on, Brian … you know since your postcodes changed years back we call you Chester Wools, now :laughing: :wink:

Missed that gig, Brian … but do have fond memories of seeing Bonamassa a couple of times at the Pacific … great, intimate gigs, there. Then they closed it :man_facepalming:

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To all who have replied on this post with their kind welcomes, my apologies for not thanking you sooner. The forum software curbed my enthusiasm with a limit of nine replies within the first 24hrs, so I’ve been tinkling on my guitars and counting the minutes down until I could :laughing:

Really good to see so many people, so enthusiastic about the guitar journey shared … Thank you all.


Live and learn :rofl:
I live in my own bubble, now that the kids are grown up.
My only connection with the ‘real world’ is this sad platform :roll_eyes:

You’re going to burn out on day 2 :rofl:
The workaround is, you write one post with individual tags and comments (max 10 tags per post). Like this

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Aye … I’m starting to lean toward multi tags now … Comments and their replies don’t seem to nest in a way I thought they might, so economising is definitely the way to go :grin:

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Welcome back, Simon. I don’t know the old forum either, so I don’t know what I’m missing? I am new here, joining JG and the Community back in January 2023. Till then I didn’t know GAS was a thing. But now I already own 3 guitars, 2 amps, but not much else, yet?

I sure would love to figure out how to play an hour or two a day, it only happens sporadically for me. I did manage 50 minutes today. :laughing:

Perhaps I ought to go play a little now, but the hubby found a new Phish concert on You Tube, so…

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Hi Simon, welcome back to the community forum. I was learning with Justin Guitar back in 2015, but didn’t appreciate the value of the forum and only went on the forum to ask a few questions, so I didn’t know everyone on the old forum. Have fun and hope to find a few old friends and a few new old friends.


Hey! yeah… glad to see you went back on that further down your post :laughing:

Hi! and welcome again Simon :smiling_face:
I did poke my head into the old forum once or twice but that was not long before the change-over and I wasn’t really familiar with it.
The community is fun and supportive and great to be able to share love of music and guitar :guitar:

I love this! :star_struck: Thank you! Love to hear you play too :smiley: :sunflower:

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@LunaRocket … Thanks, Rebecca… Funnily enough, I’ve just searched my email account and have found personal message emails from members going back at least as far as 2012 … I think I lost a load from before that due to server migration … so heaven knows how far back I went on the old forum :man_facepalming: :grin: … I may be getting old :laughing:

@SteveL_G99 … Thank you, Steve. Looking forward to hanging somewhere sane for a change, unlike social media these days :grin:

@Avalon426 … Yeah … That was a definite red herring :grin: I’m currently on 8 guitars, 5 amps … and I seriously don’t know how many pedals and processors I own; a few of them, I built myself … some of them are duplicates, as I kept one stock, then modded the others. Add microphones, cables, etc into the mix … you know, I really should take an inventory :laughing: Sometime in the near future, I’ll dig out my mics and audio interfaces … see if I can’t get a decent recording out of them and hopefully rustle something up :+1:


Given the fact you are 35 years in (as you mentioned in your other post) that’s only one guitar every 4 years… :laughing:, nothing to worry about…


I was at a Wishbone Ash concert at Pacific Rd, many years ago! And by coincidence I am planning to take my Yamaha acoustic to KGB this week, who are still at Pacific Rd.
Remember seeing Lindisfarne and Howard Jones at Pacific Rd back in the day.


Yeah … See … That’s what I keep telling people who question my hoard … sorry … guitar stash. When you rationalise it like that, it’s so much simpler.

I then show them a picture of Joe Bonamassa’s guitars … and everything is put in perspective :grin:


I always send people to KGB. There are loads of unknown ‘Luthiers / Guitar Techs’ advertising and setting up in cubicles in shopping centres … and they may be good at what they do … but KGB have been there as long as the pyramids and I’d trust them to do my guitars, even though I do most of my own work.

I do need to see them soon, actually … my Agile is in need of a fret level and crown … and I’ve never been bothered to buy all the tools to do it myself, plus a beater to hone the process on. Just as economic to hand them over to someone who does it all day long, for the time they’ll last before it’ll need looking at again.

There’s a place up the East Lancs from me in Leigh, also … Cottam Guitars … run since '89 by the same lad, Max Cottam. He’s got an excellent rep, too … and his knowledge of Ibanez guitars and dodgy trem systems is superb.

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Welcome back good to meet you.

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Hi Simon,
I read that you are already settling in nicely. :sunglasses: As I said earlier, I hung around the old forum for a while (six months or so), when I was just starting to get used to it, this new community thing happened… I was so disappointed about that. … sometimes I can’t handle changes very well when i just find how things work … the disappointment didn’t last 2 days, what a huge improvement it turned out to be :smiley:, maybe just a little too good because I would have had to play/practice guitar for many more hours in one day instead of reading here and post a little too many messages, sorry in advance for that … :roll_eyes:

Greetings and I wish you a lot of fun, :sunglasses: