App Request - can the Module 5 C Major Backing Track go on the App please?

I don’t know if this has been asked or addressed. Man I would love to have that backing track built into the practice in the phone app. I’ve been doing most of my practice there. its just SO convenient to have only one ‘device’ going while playing. Keeps me focused on the guitar mostly.


I just downloaded the track to my phone. It’s not in the app, but it is an icon on my phone, just a click away.

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Oh yeah… It’s kind of ridiculous I didn’t think of that myself. Thank you!

Why isn’t the backing track available on the app?

@MusopiaApps , several of us have requested this…any progress?

Backing track is available under Resources tab of lesson on the website. Link at the top of this thread.

I had to log in to access this. And IIRC, you need to have created an account on the website…in addition to the account for the App…in addition to the account for the Community. (If this has changed…let me know)

@MusopiaApps , this is way more complicated than it needs to be. Should be a simple, single click from the App.

My forum account was automatically linked to my web account right from the start of the new Format.

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