Arkadiusz's AVOYP log

Hello guitar Friends,

I decided to create my own topic with AVOYP, so I can see my own progress and also get a feedback from you guys.
At the moment I am at grade 2 lesson 10, struggling with F chord :grinning:

However, the song is from grade 1. It is “Hey Joe” by Jimi Hendrix, of course in a very basic version. I added some “solo” in the end :grinning:

I am sorry for the sound quality, it is not the best one, but I hope it is acceptable.

I used the backup track, to stay in the rhythm and in the end it gone quite ok.
Any feedback about strumming, chord changes, picking hand and posture is really welcome. And also any tip how you are recording your AVOYP will be helpful.

I asked my lovely wife to help me to record this very first video and I hope you will enjoy it :smile:

Hey Joe by Arek


Hey Arek! Congratulations on your first AVOYP!

I’m not in a position to offer advice on your strumming etc, because my chord work isn’t very good. One thing you can do with Hendrix style Hey joe is to play the chords with triads just on the DGB strings, so for example the C chord would be fret 5 on those 3 strings. Then the G chord would be fret 5 on D string, 4 on the G string, 3 on the B string etc. Then you do exactly the same for the D and A chords but 2 frets higher. For the E chord you can just hit hard the full chord in the open position. I find this voicing gives a bit more variety to the sound, and later, when you want to add fills, you’re in a good position to do this. Of course you can mix this up with the voicing you’re playing.

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Nice one Arek!

One suggestion may be keeping your strumming hand moving during the breaks, might help you keep time better once your playing without the backing track. But sounding good in any case.

Great solo work, clean and tidy :+1:

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Nice pacifica! I used this song as one of my Grade 1 songs to move on. You played it much better than I did. Really great chord changes and I liked your strumming approach. Awesome solo part too.

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Great ! Solid rhythm. Good chord changes. Great first AVOYP man ! Brothers of arms. I’m also beginner, grade 2, module 10… and struggling with F chord. Keep on ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face: :sweat_smile: :sunglasses:

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Thank you very much @BigLuc
Great to hear that :grinning:
Good luck with your F chord, we can do it :guitar:

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Thanks @alexisduprey
I love my Pacifica, this guitar is really good and I think it looks great too. :smile:

Thanks @twistor59
I will definitely check that :grinning:

Thanks @liaty I will keep that in mind :grinning:

That was really well and confidently played Arek. A very well delivered first post. Congratulations and be proud of yourself!

Good job Arek and well done for your first AVOYP posting. The advice on keeping your strumming hand moving is very good and worth practicing. The changes were solid throughout so much to be pleased about there. Bravo! :clap:

Congratz on your first video in AVOYP Arek, lots to celebrate here! You did really well, I could tell that some strumming patterns were above G1 here clearly which should hopefully reassure you about the state of your play. As Dave suggested keep this strumming hand moving in order to eliminate any moments where you might have hesitated. Other than that great job and keep them coming!

Thanks @Eddie_09 @Notter @adi_mrok
I will work on my strumming hand as you suggested.

Thanks for all the nice comments.
Just one thing to clarify, in case some beginners from grade 1 will read this. It is a second take of this song, the first one was not so good :yum:
I finished grade 1 two months ago and since then I am practicing this song in almost every practice session.
So, to anyone who is struggling in grade 1, do not give up, at some point your fingers will follow your lead and your guitars will sound cool :grinning:


Great first AVOYP, Arkadiusz. You’ve had some good feedback. Keep up the good work.

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Nicely done Arkadiusz, that nice a good bit of playing. I really enjoyed your solo as well. Tasty!

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