Arpeggios: Why? How? Which? When?

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but how is it possible to pluck so many of those strings in a row?

My understanding is that, you do not need to pluck all the notes, just pick those which sounds good to you and arrange them in a melodic sequence.

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Note - Read the section under the “Learn More” tab. A lot more is explained there - past what Justin teaches in the video. It will make even more sense with the added reading.

Hi! I have some difficulties in playing together chords and corresponding arpeggios: Some are easy, such for instance in the case of C shape of Dominant 7 arpeggio (I would just play x5453x for D, let’s say).

But what I shall play in other cases? For example, what would be the chord I should play in the case of the G shape of maj7 arpeggio?
Many thanks

What your looking for is arpeggiated chords. Arpeggios are more like scales the contain all the notes in a chord not just the the notes played when fretting the guitar. To arpeggiate a chord just play each note one at a time.To play a G shaped arpeggio try this.
Here are note in a GMaj7 arpeggio

I should add these are moveable shapes so if you move the root note up to A and play the same pattern you will have an Amaj7 arpeggio (E shape) the second shape is C shape and the last is G shape. There are all 5 shape in this grapgic but the E C D and the easiest to make out.

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