ASIO4ALL - Anyone using alternative drivers?

Just wondering if anyone out there is using a different ASIO driver to ASIO4ALL ? For scope I am talking PC running Windows 10 with DAW Reaper but also using OBS ASIO vsn as well.
It seems to be the most recommended driver and certainly was on the old forum back in the day but there seems to be others around now.


There may be others but these are the ones I have found recently.

Why am I asking ? For quite a while now I have had an issue with ASIO4ALL losing site of my Xenyx Audio Interface’s Output channels, showing them as Not Connected. I have gone through the normal routes of troubleshooting :

Making sure all playback and recording devices are not in Exclusive use mode.
Disabling MS GSwavelength (don’t know what this does but ASIO recommends this)
DIsabling/Enabling the input and output channels via Device Manager.
Removing the AI device from the Control Panel Devices list and adding it as a new device.
As a last resort Restating Windows or doing a full power off/on.

I know the AI is working ok with apps that do not use ASIO, WMP, Groove, iTunes, Chrome yada yada and also get a solid 100% sound test in Advances Properties. So it is just when using Reaper or OBS or Reaper and OBS.

Been trying to get a stable recording environment since Sunday evening and going through another Madman saga, so thought I’d see what others are using.

Anyway one upside is the discovery of ASIO Link Pro which seems to be a good tool for linking a DAW and OBS. Once I get a stable environment I will experiments



I just use the Focusrite ASIO driver for my Scarlett.

I hope you sort your issue.

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Thks JK unfortunately Behringer no longer do there own driver for the Xenyx range but did a good few years back when I go the baby X502USB, they now punt ASIO4ALL !
Taking up way too much of my playing time but needs fixing.

Sorry Toby, can’t offer anything. Like JK I use the Focusrite driver.

I am having to use a standard Windows 11 driver, Windows 11 will not allow me to use ASIO4ALL.

It says I have the best driver in place and won’t allow me to change. Works though.

That sounds like Microsoft support latency ! So glad my PC is not seen fit to run Win 11. :sunglasses: