August; Glitter Days (Firewater) & Hold On, Hold On (Neko Case & The Sadies)

August songs

  1. Glitter Days by Firewater
  2. Hold On, Hold On by Neko Case & The Sadies (link for video in comments below)

Nothing like a bit of Firewater to get you out of a slump :wink:


Haha, liked it - nice use of fx as well; you never fail to entertain, that’s special magic!!!


Enjoyable as ever Brian, what effect was that? Some kind of merged tremolo with something else?

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Another belter Brian. Never heard this one before. Loved the effects you used on this one. It’s so evident that you clearly love what you do which always comes across in your performance and takes it to the next level for the listener. Great start to my Friday!

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Engaging performance as always, Brian. I enjoyed the tremolo effect to add some variation into the accompaniment.

Now I think you called in your backing band, but they were a little subdued :grin: If I heard the Trio in the mix then I think you could have turned up the volume on the drums a wee bit and maybe the bass as well.

Let the good times roll!

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The smile at the end says it all :wink: besides the entertainment factor, there were a lot of positives in your playing and singing. You definitely tick all those boxes you told me about.

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@DarrellW Cheers, mate :smiley:
How are you getting on with that bass-beast? :laughing:

@Notter, Ta, Mark :smiley:
I haven’t really explored my PodGo properly, but it’s primarily a downloaded strat/acoustic effect for the verses and I twiddled with the levels and added in a Deluxe Phaser unit.

@Eddie_09 Thank you muchly. Very generous. I’m getting quicker at producing these, but part of me also knows at some stage I need to get more comfortable with alternative strumming patterns.
A course even? :thinking: :open_mouth:

@DavidP, the phasers were only set to ‘stun’ :rofl:
Indeed you are correct re my backing band. You know I’m a low-hanging-fruit-picker when it comes to sound, but this raises an interesting point which I haven’t really thought much about.
I was playing everything through my amp, but listening back through headphones to set vol levels/mic placement. In my initial take I felt the guitar was too quiet, so cranked it up a bit. I was happy with the levels in the cans. After your comment I clicked on the YT link on my phone and struggled to even hear the drum & bass on the tinny speaker. My pc speakers lie between the two. I wonder what most community members listen through? :thinking:

@Socio Oops, how did I omit James? :rofl:
Appreciate the generous thumbs up, but neuronal degeneration has removed any recollection of box-ticking :roll_eyes: :laughing:


And it can make quite a difference, I think. Personally I now mostly listen on reasonable audio quality headphones. But really hard to mix for the full range of options from mobile phone earbuds, PC/laptop speakers, to studio monitors/headphones.

Very entertaining listen, Brian! :clap: :+1:

Liked the tone in the chorus a lot, it sounds like glitter totally. At least, for me glitter sounds like that. :rofl: Singing and playing were also going together very well - and I heard at least 2 strumming patterns? :wink:

Thanks for sharing this one! Most enjoyable. :slight_smile:

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Hello Brian, once again a song I’m totally unfamiliar with :sweat_smile:. Listening to your recording always broadens my musical knowledge :smiley:. (One of the few songs, I’ve surprisingly already known before you posted it was In the Dutch Montains :blush:.)

And once again, it was a very enjoyable rendition :+1::clap:. I also like the sound effect on the chorus and the changing dynamics.
Thanks a lot for sharing :hugs:.

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Vielen Dank, Lisa :smiley:
Much appreciated. Glitter balls were a big part of my growing up/night-life. There is definitely a ‘shimmering’ effect :laughing:

That’s my job! :laughing:
The original has a very interesting middle eastern flavour to it.
I know my limits :rofl:


Hi Brian. Always entertaining and engaging. I’m sure you’ll be totally unsurprised to hear I’ve never heard that song before! But then that’s your plan isn’t it. :smiley:
I enjoyed your mix of FX and the different strum patterns and percussive string hits. Your vocal phrasing kept the song interesting and listenable. I still wish you’d use a pick and get more definition and dynamic into your strumming.

I listen either on my iPhone or my iPad. The sound quality of any high level production is lost on me. :smiley:


Woohoo!! Loved it! :smiley: :clap: :clap:
I’m not familiar with the song either, but love your style and videos - so entertaining!
Thank you for sharing :hugs:

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I’m easily forgettable :roll_eyes: What have you done with @roger_holland? Normally he is the first one to comment and present you with :bouquet:

Like @sairfingers I normally listen through my phone or iPad unless I’m at my computer which was the case here and listen through reasonable audio quality headphones.


Thank you, my friend. Much appreciated :smiley:

… so do I :rofl:

@JasmineJ Lovin’ the whoops :laughing:
Thank you!

@Socio I hope I haven’t put the Dutchman off by drawing attention to the fact that he’s as heavily addicted to the social side as I am/was :roll_eyes: :rofl:
but thank you for the flowers


So impressive, Brian. That was another well done polished performance. I went back and listened to your backing and I could hear your Bass and I also noticed your Tremelo FX. I listened through my air pods on my iPad. I also was watching your A Shape Barre chords. Looks so easy for you. Mine needs practice.

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Thank you, Pam :smiley:
You wouldn’t want to be listening to me playing those on my acoustic! I’m comfortable where they are but have quite a sloppy technique. We all need practice :laughing:

Hi Brian, needless to say, that I haven’t heard this song before. I had a quick listen to the original to get an impression, but have to admit, that I like your version better. Taking headphones was a good idea, as it made the over all experience a lot better. I liked the effect, gave it a nice little spin. As always, enjoyable and relaxed!

You know, that this is a " klassische Steilvorlage" :rofl:

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Hi Brian ,
And @Socio :grin: :sunglasses::sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:
Well, a nice and busy week behind me, quickly read some topics every day so as not to get too far behind, but oh my, there is a lot to catch up on…So let’s start here to help a few restless men let knowing that everything is going well :grin: :sunglasses: , and I thought it was a nice song Brian, and everything is sayed just let you know I am now listening back again because of the comments about how loud / soft the drums are, I listen to 2 Yamaha’s HS8
And the drum could have been a bit louder indeed…
Greetings and keep the fun with your new pedal :sunglasses:

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I’m getting on OK thanks, slowly but surely! It’s like learning all over again really, there’s a lot more fretting hand movement needed especially at the headstock end!

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