Autumn Leaves [Introduction]

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Stuck on this, need a bit more instruction on how to proceed with the lesson. Thank you.

Hello @Yuma and welcome to the Community.
Can you help others to help you with some specifics? What is it you’re finding hard to do / understand?

Cheers :smiley:
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Can’t mention this song here without a link to this gem by two of our community’s golden oldies @oldhead49 & @batwoman :smiley:


Good shout out @brianlarsen :sunglasses:

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I’m a little confused on the last 6 bars. The sheet music got from E-7 to Eb7 and then D-7 to Db7 but in the video it’s E-7 to A-7 and then D-7 to Gmaj7. It also says Cmaj7 in the video but Justin plays a F#-7b5.


Exact same issue here…

Same issue here…can Justin answer it