Babylon (cover)

A short cover and re-imagining of the last track on Don McLean’s “American Pie” album from 1971:


Happy St. Stephen’s Day to you, good Sir! :smiley:
I’m not au fait with the Don McLean version, but that’s unnecessary, knowing you will have made this snippet your own anyway… A nice preview of would be an enjoyable full-length listen.
Bravo! :sunglasses:
On a separate note, it reminded me of a Nick Cave lecture that I stumbled across earlier this year, where he reminded me how effective the spoken word alone can be, whilst reciting this Psalm 137 (The Rivers of Babylon)
Happy New Year!

The Don McLean version loops around a couple of times with the same lyrics, he also plinks out the melody on a banjo. I didn’t do either of those two things, and consider this the full song re-imagined. :slight_smile:

You are correct that the song is based on Psalm 137. I will have to check out the Nick Cave version.

The “American Pie” album was stacked and well worth a full listen.

Hello Clint, I always know in advance, that I’ll hear something beautiful when I click on your recordings. And that’s also true for this one. I only wished, it would have been longer, so that I could enjoy it for a longer time. (Of course, I solved this issue by hitting the play button again and again :blush:.)
Thanks a lot for sharing this gem with us :hugs:.

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I got about 30 seconds in and had to bail out. Hopefully it gets better. Not sure that I was up for the ride.

On this track, I’m basically playing a really cool progression (to me) that I think med-level Justiner’s would appreciate --because I used a bar chord in there. Why did I go with a bar chord in this case? I wanted the bass part of the chord to be present initially, as well as the rest of the chord eventually. I have no other interest in bar chords in my playing. I use them far more sparingly than open chords and triads.

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Hi Clint!
It was a wonderful piece. Indeed, it would be great if it were longer.
You have a super guitar, perfect tone :+1:
Happy New Year!

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Thanks for the kind comments! Truly appreciated.

Sometimes leaving folks wanting more is a good way to go. :slight_smile:

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I enjoyed this, Clint. I also listened to the original. I had actually never heard this before.

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Thank you sir! I appreciate the comment on the guitar tone. I did try to accentuate the low end by thumping the low strings, and with a little added EQ.

Yes super guitar tones along with a great vocal Clint. I always enjoy how you make songs your own.
Well done, that was great.

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Thanks Pam! Glad you liked it and took the time to listen to the original. That “American Pie” record is worth a listen end to end.

I caught this on the tube when just hot out of the oven but never got around to commenting. I was rather interested in listening to this one as I think DM is a mighty fine poet. I know a few of his songs but this one I hadn’t heard before until now. I enjoyed your take on it very much. I was rather surprised to read that you don’t play barre chords that much. I presume that’s because open chords and triads allow you to embellish more?

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Hey Clint, I saw this on YouTube but while in festive season operating mode, lost sight of it when in a place suitable to listen.

Glad I spotted it at the right time here in AVOYP. Really enjoyed the feel of your playing, tone of guitar and vocal, such a good vibe.

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Thanks Gordon! I appreciate the encouragement. :slight_smile:

Hi Clint,
Great job on this one. Liked your play and tone. All top drawer stuff mate.

Hey, garden season is coming up soon. I hope one of your next projects, you take out to see it! I always enjoy your garden strolls on projects!

Have a great NY!

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Thanks! You have a new subscriber. :slight_smile:

Bar chords have their place. I do like having free fingers to add some nuance and not be as washed out tone wise. Bar chords in a mix with other low-end elements makes for muddy tone. By and large guitar falls in the mid-range tonally. Ultimately we only need three notes to make a chord. Thumb over chords are much easier on the wrist, while partial chords and triads will add more tonal interest (most of the time) in my opinion. Let your ears and wrist be your guide. :ear: :muscle: :brain: :anatomical_heart: :guitar:


Thanks DP! Glad you caught it on the tubez (and here) and left such kind comments. Much appreciated.

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Hi Clint, I’ve heard your tune a few days ago and enjoyed it very much. My comment is a little late, but better than never. Not familiar with the tune but I like it very much. I’m with Nicole, I could have listened much longer. I would have loved to see your fretting hand too, I think there could be something to learn from :slightly_smiling_face:.
However, very enjoyable video. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank @LBro, I appreciate the listen and like!

It’s always garden season here. This time of year is great for fresh greens, peas, root veg and citrus. I think I enjoy cool season crops the most.

Hi Clint!
A cool little tune that sounded awsome, i really like the raw acoustic you. Sounds cool!
Never heard this song before, heard very little of Don Mclean in general, so i will check it out, seems like something i can like :grin:

Well done again Clint!

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