Backing track places to go


Currently looking into purchasing a soundcard like Focusrite to record my electric.
In the DAW i would like to load some backing tracks of popsongs i’m trying to learn. Maybe adjust the pitch and speed here and there.

Question is, what is your place to go to for the best backing tracks? YouTube, some website, or do you play/record along the original tracks?

Looking forward towards your tips.

Personally, I tend to go to YouTube these days for original or more generic “in the style of” backing tracks, but I have built up a bunch of MP3 backing tracks I have purchased or got through guitar magazines and music books in the past.

Justin sells some in his shop, and Anderton’s TV do a bunch of decent ones that were created by Danish Pete. The Andertons ones are also available on some streaming services.

If you want full backing tracks for specific songs, music books are usually a good bet. I have a couple of music books which contain the tab for around 20 songs as well as a CD of backing tracks (these days some have downloads) like this one, for under £1 per track:

Another place you can buy backing tracks for specific songs is although they can be a bit expensive compared to music books.



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Depends on what type of backing tracks i need. If it is BT for jamming blues, I just randomly pick from YT. If it is for a specific song, I use UltimateGuitar but need to manually record the music as it does not provide download feature.

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Justin has his own

But yeah youtube has some that sound ok too

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Thanks all for the tips. Gives me a bit of a guideline where to look for,
No experience with LickLibrary or such website?


I think most of the material mentioned so far relate to Jam tracks but as @Majik mentioned
Is another good supply of BT for a extensive range of songs but you pay per download. They also provide customisable track downloads where you can download individual tracks per instrument and vocals. Great for projects, add drums bass key track to your DAW to record alongside or add the gtr tracks to play alongside to help with timing etc, then drop them and record yourself playing those parts.

For Lick Library - Check out @Kasper recording in AOVYP he has used Lick Library quite a bit for some of his projects and the quality of the backing tracks is very good but again its a subscription service.

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I second those that mention
I use them and they are great for recording guitar against. The customised versions are also great for isolating the single instruments and help learn the part as sometimes certain guitar parts are lost a bit in the mix and hard to hear clearly. So I think they are great value and the website is very easy to use.


For learning a song, I play along with the original. I buy the song in iTunes for a $1.29 and use the AnyTune app to control the playback.

What I like best about AnyTune is the feature to bracket a section of the song (i.e a fiddifult chord change). You can then set it up for example to play the section 10x times at 80% speed then increase by 2% and play 10 times etc.

AnyTune is available on iOS, mac os and recently Android.

It has a few filters to isolate a specific instrument but I haven’t used that feature.

I came across this a few months ago but i have not tried it out. I think the software is free and you pay per track. it looks cool since you have the ability to fade in/out each instrument. I am using the the justin app now but might try this in the future. If anyone has a review please post.