Backing tracks for practicing or recording

Hi. What is the best way to get backing tracks to play over? It is good to play over the original song but sometimes I don’t know if I’ve missed a note until I just listen back to my recording. Playing over metronome is good but hard to play something like Metallica where the time signature is changing or playing a Brian May solo that is based on feel mostly.

You may find this helpful

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I recommend the Youtube backing track channels, and there are a crazy number of them, and the way to go in my opinion. You get chord and scale charts to play along with and to learn from. Just do a search on Youtube, find the ones you like and subscribe.


Thanks for the suggestions. I use YouTube backing tracks for scales and solo practice. I just find it difficult to have a drum track for instance for a song that I am practicing so I can load it in Transcribe and slow down and speed up.

I found this site which is free and has a comprehensive library

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