Bad Moon Rising - CCR Cover

Introducing my three finger G5… till now I’ve been playing the easy two finger G. Nice challenge


Very nice and crisp playing there Sandy! Your voice is great, as it always is.
And you’ve nailed that 3 finger G5.

Cheers, Shane.

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Thanks Shane… Took me like 4 tries today to get a somewhat ok take… needs much improvement but it’s a start. Glad you liked it

Nice performance,Sandra. Good vocal and pretty solid guitar.

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Thank you… glad you liked it. It feels good to improve.

Sandy that was fab, your vocals is so good you should try to play this one on another OM perhaps, would steal the show!

On another note I think @pkboo3 did a cover a while ago as well - you ladies make me want to join the wagon and play along :grinning: all the best!

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Thanks so much Adrian. After the open mic I was inspired to try it… been practicing it for awhile. David P has done one too, and what’s amazing, we all bring a different and pleasant, but unique rendition of it.

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I might just do that one at an open mic… today I had my guitar ready and was tempted to ask Jason if I could try it at the end… but … I gotta get over this fear, somehow

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Wow Sandy! Very nice job!!! I think this one is one of your best! You are getting better for sure! Love your voice!

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Thank you… it’s coming together slowly… soon I be calling myself a musician…


Ooooooh so lovely Sandy. Your voice is gorgeous and your guitar sings. :clap:

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Keep at it, everything we do is hard at first then it becomes easy ;d

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When I publish last OM video Sandy check out my second song again and look at my facial expression, the amount of errors I made is ridiculous really! Don’t expect to pull off a perfect performance, we are our own worst critics - I am sure all of us will fully enjoy what you have to offer, same as in AVOYP section :slight_smile: all the best.

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That was great, Sandy, nice steady strumming, great changes on the beat, and really good on the half bar changes. Very nicely played. You also have a lovely voice, vocals sound really nice. I like the look of your guitar too. The sound is quite nice, but I noticed you’re playing a bit ahead of the sound hole. Have you tried experimenting to hear the sound when playing more over the sound hole? Be interesting to hear if it sounds richer.

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:clap: :clap: :clap:

You’re back in the saddle again, Sandy.

That was fabulous. Right in the groove, great vocal, and loved that instrumental between 2 nd and 3rd verses.

Keep playing the song on a regular basis, the more you play it, the less severe and frequent the flubs will become. But as Adrian said, we all make flubs, are inconsistent in our performances, because we are learning and growing. If I wait until I can consistently perform flub-free it would be ages if ever before I play live again. And I think just stepping up, performing live, has over time contributed to my (slowly) improving play-grade.

So I’d say, declare it today, and work towards being as well prepared as you can be for OM7

Wikipedia, who must be believed, says

A musician is a person who composes, conducts, or performs music . … A music performer is generally either a singer who provides vocals or an instrumentalist who plays a musical instrument. Musicians may perform on their own or as part of a group, band or orchestra.

That sounds like you from where I am sitting, watching, listening, enjoying.

Note there is nothing in there that says to be a musician you have to perform to the level of

You are a musician Sandy … own it, live it, keep at it

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Sandy, that was great. I’m currently learning that song and your performance was fabulous. It made me want to pick up my guitar and jam along with you.

It’s a pleasure watching you progress as a musician as your confidence grows. I can’t wait to hear your next AVOYP.

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Hi Sandy,
I like to watch your progress in guitar playing!
It’s getting better and better every time.
And your vocals don’t need to be improved :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks for sharing.

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Very well done Sandra, you’re certainly coming along in leaps and bounds!
You’re definitely ready for an Open mic with a performance like that, just go for it! Once you’ve broken the ice it will just become easier, nerves still play a part but the rush of playing live makes it fade into the background.

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Thank you Mari. I try to keep the guitar positioned so I can strum the sound hole, but it slips. Though this guitar is smaller than the Cort… I think it’s still a bit too big for me… or I have posture problem. I will experiment.

Thank you David. You always have the right words

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