Ball and Chain - Cover by Social Distortion - OH49 & LBro

Hi Rogier,
Hey, it is great this offering satisfied the palate and you found it so good! I was not sure the fire video fit the music. But it seems a lot of folks like the video!

All the best and be well,

Hi JK,
Glad this one was in your wheelhouse! See my reply to Brian as I covered the drum question there, pretty well. These are digital drums, though. The fire video was borrowed from another YT video and he has a whole bunch of them up on YT. Glad you liked it and the song!

Keep on rock’n and all the best,

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Wow, that was way cool! Great playing, vox and production as usual.
I swear I could smell the sulphur!

Actually, I was a bit surprised because I was expecting a cover of Ball and Chain, written by Big Momma Thorton and made famous by Janis Joplin. However, this tune that I had not heard before was definitely worth the listen.

Hi Pam,
Thanks for the kind comments and I am glad this was kind to you ears! That was a “hot” video, eh?

That was superb you guys, a right rockin’ tune. And a very cool video!

Amen on that - both the time and energy invested can be draining, but then you do have something at the end of the day to be very proud of. Full range, a rich, meaty sound and a comfy vibe - well done on all levels.

Great job. Loved it

Hi SD,
I have tapped OH-Dave on the shoulder to answer this one and he will once he gets his Internet feed back.

Thanks for the kind comments. Not sure 2 old guys, who are deaf and over the hill are up to being an opening act. That would take memory of the songs, those days where much better in the past… lol

All the best and take good care,

Hi Skinny,
Glad this one worked for you. That was a hot video, eh? :smile:

Keep up the good vibes,

Hey Toby,
You like the fire! I get it… Glad this one enlightened you and don’t feel too bad as I never heard the song before about a month ago. I think Dave sounds good on this. Maybe some of the best play he has done ever??? Thanks on the vox, not sure it was putting the best foot forward. I need to do some more work there. Good for you, sticking around for the end!

All the best,

No kidding on the amount of time that went into setting up the piro display! Thanks on the mix. The only vox brought up was the backing vocals. To me, with the added level there, the vox elements play off each other better, while blending in more… But it is subtle.

Good to see you on Digs and all the best!

Hi Richard,
Glad this found a good spot in the the gut and went over well!

Hey Adi,
If the bar is deemed to be high, there is only one direction it can go… We shall do our best to keep it propped up!

All the best guys!

Hi LBro and Dave, once again you both did a great job together, I’m not familiar with this band, now I guess I’ll have to find out more about it. Vocals, guitars and mix as always at the highest level, my applause!


Hi there,
Ah yes… the smell in the air hints at burning Sulphur.

I knew Joplin did something called the same as this song and finally spun it up. It was then I realized it was another song completely. Hum… Glad you liked this rendition of the song!

Keep on with the vibe!

Hi Mari,
Thanks of the kind words and glad this one rocked you!

Keep up the rock’n ways!

That was superb. Well done both of you. I really enjoyed the song and a great production.

Enjoyed the video as well, that looked like a real labour of love.

HI Papa,
Sounds like you are “in” on this one. Yeah, they do take time… but that is what a hobby is about I guess. Keeps one busy and productive. Now and then something good comes of it!

Thanks for the kind words and all the best!

Thanks for stopping by and spinning this one up. All the better you liked it!
Keep on rock’n,

Hey Mike,
Hope all is good there? This band rocks pretty good in its own way. This is the second song of theirs we have done. Check out our “Ring Of Fire” that was another cover of their Cash cover. Very up-tempo there.

All the best,

Hi Sgt,
Thanks for the uplifting words and comments. Glad this was to your liking and hope all is good on your end.

Yeah the “Fire Hand” guy seemed to really get into his passion!

Take good care,