Ball and Chain - Cover by Social Distortion - OH49 & LBro


Here with another Social Distortion cover of a cover. We have come to like how this band sounds and plays. OH49 did some great guitar work on this and if you don’t listen to the end you will miss out on some of it.

At the end of the video, who did what is listed in the credits. We hope you enjoy this as much as we did in putting it together.

Any and all comments welcome!

EDIT: I played around with the mix where drums and backing vox levels were brought up a bit. This produced a “Producers Cut” version - Check it out here:
Alternate Mix - Producer’s Cut


Bravo :clap: :clap: :clap: you both never fail to impress! Never heard the song before and enjoyed it very much. All the effort that you both put into the productions pays off. Next one please :pray:

Wow terrific as always guys. Loved the country rock vibe and the production was superb. Yes the guitar play at the end was worth waiting for.
Well done to you both.

The matchstick building and destruction video was amazing. I couldn’t take my eyes off it!

What he ^^^^^^^^ said, excellent as usual and that matchstick trick was amazing!

Hi James!
Glad you liked this one. I only heard it recently and wanted to do it as soon as I took it in. The song is another 3 chord deal. Yet, there are layered in guitars that really spice up the repetitive 3 chord pattern.

It is nice to say what you did about production. These are not done in 20 minutes, after a couple runs throughs and turning on the recorder. I imagine we had about 20-40 hours in total on this one. So, not sure about the next song. Have to find one to do that all on the team like! :smile: :smile: :slight_smile:

Stay well and all the best!

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:clap: :clap: :clap:

Bravo, LBro and Dave … the performances and production are top drawer. Cracking good tune and loved the video.

Keep on rocking!

LB and Dave, you two men never cease to amaze me. The productions you turn out are always polished. Your vocals LB get better and better. I especially love the solo bits for the abandoned quality I haven’t heard in your voice before. Dave what a glorious guitarist you are, you have such groove. You complement each other. I love the drums LB, really well placed and toned. The video … man it had me spellbound.

Top class act.

What was the band name again… Pyro-Maniacs.

Very good and loved the guitar at the end. Loved the video.

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I feel like an ol’ prospector of rough gems, looking through the jeweler’s window at a Fabergé egg! :roll_eyes:
There’s a laid-back groove to this coaster that almost makes it sound effortless.
Dave’s guitar work impeccable as usual and the ‘Brother’ still earning interest from his Liepe investment.
Do you program or play physical drums on these?
Only other question: Which one of you is the ball and which the chain? :laughing:

Hi LBro and Dave,
I echo everything that has been said above…that video with this this music :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:…DELICIOUS

Wow, awesome. When are you uploading to Spotify? :joy: Kidding but not kidding, quality was so good. A great listen.

I’m also curious like Brian asked, did you play the drums or lay them down digitally?

Did you do the fire video yourself or was it from another source? Either way it made it great.

Your singing lessons have paid off. It sounds like your tone has changed a bit. And of course, you and OH produced a fine performance. Well done, you two!

Oh yeah! Awesome video clip!

Wow- you sound amazing! I was very impressed. You could be an opening act for a headliner band anytime you want. I am curious to ask how long you have been playing? I hope to get to this level one day. Thanks for sharing


Thanks for the kind words Gordon…! Glad the end play was worth the price of admission!

On the matchstick deal, some have said it is too distracting and takes away from the song. I guess that is why we have a replay button! :slight_smile:

Take care,

Hi Darrell,
Glad this one went down easy! Didn’t they tell you not to play with matches?

Hi David,
Thanks for taking this one in and for the nice comments!

Cheers and rock to you!

Thanks Maggie,
Your words inspire us to do more and are thankful for what you said. The act is better that in the past as over the years you have helped us through listening and comments, to get better!

Be well and take good care,

HI Geoff,
Yeah, that would make a good band name! :slight_smile: Glad you stuck around for the end and that guitar work. The video was a nice find!



Hi Brian!
Thanks for the fine comments sir!
Drums - Well, this is a bit of a process. My physical drum playing days was when I was about 17 and I was lousy. These drums are programed in Superior Drummer 3. The process is to TS or do what I call time slicing. The original track is cut up into pieces and each drum hit is aligned to or near the grid, so it is in time. Next each midi drum hit is hand programed to try and match the original. A drum kit is chosen to be close to the original too. Now you know the secret to drum programing… or at least one way to do it.

Dave is the better bowler - So I guess his is the ball. He has to be chained down on guitar, least he go Hendrix wild on us! :kissing_smiling_eyes:

All the best and be well,

Never heard the song before but it was a fantastic cover. As has been said I could not take my eyes off the video.

Well done guys, what a pyrotechnic delight that was. Don’t know the group, don’t know the song, don’t give a “stuff”. That was a bang on top quality track for sure. Great playing by Dave OH and a lovely repeater at the end (yep I stayed the course) and solid vox from you my friend. Super job :sunglasses:


Hi Guys,

Someone has way too much time on their hands.

Great job on the song and video.
Mix sounded good to me - think I preferred the original video version - i like vocals sat back a little.

Hope you’re good.


More labours of love from you two wonderful fellas and we love it.

Another fine on LB and OH! Like a breeze of fresh air, sound quality was bang on. Really keeping the bar raised high chaps!