Bars & Strumming On 1

Let's learn a simple strumming pattern and get started with rhythm.

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do you strum all strings?

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No, you strum from the root note. For the D chord that is from
the D string, On the A chord that’s from the A string and the
E chord that’s from the E string, so all 6

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As 'stitch has already described, for your first three chords the number of strings is different. Justin does mention this in the lesson - video or description. Keep looking out for this sort of info for chords ahead in the near future also.
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Justin’s comment about accepting imperfection and difficulty at this stage of the game is so important if you’re going to stick with guitar for the long haul. Perfectionism and growth are not compatible. There’s a great book on this topic: Mindset by Carol Dweck. I highly recommend it.


This is one of those times I’m thankful to be a drummer. Timing is in my head without even thinking about it. I also don’t have a problem with one hand doing something different than the other. However, hitting the notes correctly is certainly a challenge!


I have been learning for 13 days re: E, A and D chords, practicing notes, strumming, switching chords, 1 minute chord exercise, basic scales and keys, with basic music theory to break it up.

This is the one exercise that ties all of the above together and has produced that epiphany where you suddenly begin to understand.

There is immediate aural feedback, and you hear the importance of why timing is so fundamental. I am now in a better position to understand why a couple of work colleagues who play, both have stated that timing is so fundamental when playing.

I love that this exercise incorporates all of one’s learning so far into one practice session.


Hello @putonghua73 and welcome to the Community.
What a fantastic post to read. It is fantastic to see comments from people who are having aha moments, when suddenly separate pieces of learning coalesce and form a cohesive whole.
Good stuff.
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