Basic Travis Picking

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After a lot of practice, i can not control my fingers. When you get near advanced level, you can solo, make music, etc. And here comes picking with fingers, absolute misery.
I guess i need to stay with my trusty pick.
I’ve tried a lot of picking techniques which includes fingers like travis, hybrid, chat atkins style, fingerpicking. They don’t work for me.
Simple truth, when you start learning, what you love, you can progress fast, or at tolerable speed. When the stuff is not for you, you can absolutely feel it. It’s like lifting a car. It’s not for everybody, some people can do it, some will never. I guess the car lifting is like those pickings when you are using your fingers is not for me.

Sorry, English is not my first language.
The lessons are great and detailed.


I can relate, my fingers are so stiff :joy:

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