Beginner 2 consolidation - Yellow Submarine

When I picked this song as part of my Beginner 2 consolidation, I thought it would be something I could get up to speed relatively quickly. Wrong! The complexity of this tune was not readily apparent to me until I began playing it without the app as backup. I have spent more time on this song than any at this point.
Here it finally is for your consideration. Please don’t hesitate to express your opinion and help me improve.

[Yellow Submarine]()!AgP7bdRlDziBgfQ7AJMS2VwP-x_t9w?e=E8gmEz


Hi Robert, I don’t see the link to the video?

@Socio Sorry, I did not do the share link properly. Try it now.

I enjoyed your performance. The background on your television was a nice touch for the song. It would have been better for me if I could see more of your guitar for the strumming and fretting hands. Consider lowering the view of the camera.

Thanks, Victor, I am happy you enjoyed it. I will lower the camera for my next recording. I understand the importance of being able to see more of the guitar and both my hands. But, hey, in a sub the quarters are a bit cramped! :upside_down_face:

Good job Robert, your persistence has payed off. It’s nice to see you again.

Good fretting and strumming. And singing at the same time, which is very hard.

I noticed some timing issues when changing strumming patterns - are you tapping your foot to help keep time?

That was very nice well done, nice touch with the screen animation behind :smile: similar to JK I noticed some timing issues but it’s nothing that can’t be ironed out with some practice :wink: all the best

Hi Robert,
Nice presentation… well done :sunglasses:

Well done Rod that was a fun listen. Sometimes songs which have a ‘comedic’ vibe to them seem like they will be easy to play and sing. YS is not easy to play and sing and you did really well. Beatles songs always have more to them than meets the eye.
Loved the background too!
Vibes from me.

Hi Robert, very nicely done. As noted in the feedback above your fretting and strumming was good. There were some minor timing issues but as @sairfingers points out yellow submarine is not as easy to play and sing as it seems. If you were to play that at a party no one would notice; they would be too busy singing along with you and giving you a big round of applause at the end. You did a very good job.

JK, thanks for the listen. I do tap my foot to help stay in time; however, I have always preferred heel tapping my right foot and that doesn’t help with guitar position, so I have been consciously tapping with my left toe. Sometimes I revert back to the right foot and it throws me off a bit. Definitely need to work on that.

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@roger_holland, @Socio, @sairfingers, @jkahn, @batwoman, @adi_mrok
Thank-you all for taking the time to listen and pass on advice. Gotta love this community!
Here is a little story about timing in this song beyond my foot preference. As you all know, there are some spoken voices during the break. I tried to put some levity into the song by referencing the mods on this forum but whenever I started to speak my timing and chord progression got torpedoed (pun intended :upside_down_face: ). After way too many attempts I deep sixed the spoken words and just added a little missive at the end. Unfortunately, when I got to the break I thought about what I wanted to do and the timing got a bit ragged.
James, I did play this song at a party recently and it went just as you said. Everyone sang along and no one seemed to notice the muffs. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for sharing Robert, sounds like you’re in a good spot. As others have said just some slight timing / tempo inconsistencies, not that they impacted the enjoyment of the song though. Well done, especially playing it at the party, must have felt awesome to do that!

Thank-you, Mark. Yes, playing at the party was a major milestone for me and it did feel awesome!

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That was a tidy bit of playing and singing Robert. You are progressing nicely. Great way to sign off as well.

Thanks, Sarge! I was wondering if anyone listened all the way through to catch the sign-off. :joy:

:clap: :clap: :clap:
Late onboard for this voyage. Well done, Robert. I think you produced an excellent performance, and achieved all the objectives one would have when consolidating Gr2.

:champagne: :champagne: :champagne:

I tried this one & thought the same as you, harder that it looks! Really great job to play it so well & sing, couldn’t fault it. I thought it was a real fish tank in the background for a while!

Glad you made it, David. Thank-you for the encouraging words. I am currently spending a good deal of time on lesson 15, which seems to be a bit more of a consolidation itself. I want to get 10 songs recorded before I move on. Four down, six to go…

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