Beginner - Consolidating grade 1

Currently consolidating grade 1.

“End of the line” - just me and my 40 year old Les Paul copy.

Can I mark that down as a song I can play ?

I have Hey Joe which I also recorded a minute or so of as ringtone on my phone, otherwise just my family and maybe a close neighbor or two gets subjected.


Well that’s a pass from me, not sure how much that actually means :grin:

Chords are clear and you have the changes nailed.

Never be hesitant about moving along, the songs I started with I still play and am still improving.

If you ever find you’ve skipped a few too many lessons, just restart a module to consolidate.

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Steady rhythm, clear chord changes, solid playing overall? Check! I think you’re good to go to the next song!

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Thanks. Though I still have the C on my practice list for Chord Perfect…

Here is the other recording I made of Hey Joe

Vocaroo | Online voice recorder

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As Dave says, you can always return to dust and polish your songs, Geoff. Important that you don’t get bored or bog down. Keep the momentum going and savour some new lessons.

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Well done Geoff. Sounds like you’re laying down good foundations there. Keep on doing what you’re doing :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks everyone for encouragement. Promise not to put all 5 songs to pass grade 1… :smiley:

Don’t be shy Geoff, post away! Sounds like you’re in a good spot to move on, you certainly don’t need to be perfect to do so, practice will keep you improving on all the things you’ve learned so far.
Enjoy, that’s the main thing and it sounds like you are!

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Reckon you are good to go Geoff. Solid end of Grade 1 performances. As Maggie says all these early songs can be revisited for polishing and embellishment later down the line but off to a good start.

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Starting grade 2 - my practice routine still contains some grade 1 consolidation items currently…


The stuck 3/4 sound good with a bit of overdrive and on the pre amp plus reverb (?)

My new ring tone…:smiley:

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Some nice recordings there Geoff. Steady strumming and good chord changes.

Love the ringtone :smiley:

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I’m well and truly late to this party (site is blocked to me at work), Geoff.

Good job on the consolidation, everything sounding as it should. The last one with the fx sounded pretty cool.

Vocaroo may be quick and easy but I suggest for future, it may be better to use SoundCloud to share your music. It’ll be fairly straight forward to set up and will give you a record of all the recordings shared. Some folk like to catalog those in the Learning Log to revisit periodically to see the progress made. May also do a better job of streaming music from recordings made on your PC.

As you start Grade 2, I suggest make recordings module by module, even lesson by lesson; don’t wait until the grade is complete and you are consolidating. Also a good idea to keep working on songs that use what you learned in Grade 1 which can be shared here.

Enjoy it and keep doing what you’re doing!

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Thanks. I was using an app on the Kindle tablet (Wavepad free ), placed on the floor in front of my amp. So using the tablet microphone. The amp is a “Loco by Aria” a 30 watt practice amp with overdrive and reverb, from the 1980’s. Then uploading.

From other comment maybe a YouTube video would be better, so that others could see if my hands are in quite the right spot and help identify any bad techniques before they become habits.

Also considering one of those headphone only plug in to the guitar practice amps that have a USB connection so can be used to make recordings. Are these any good ?

You’ve got lots of positives and encouragement here and that is the great strength of the community.
Sometimes a gruff demon like me comes along to upset the apple cart haha! :slight_smile:

Can I be a little be tough-love on you here?
For all grades, including grade 1 in to grade 2, song stamina is a crucial thing to develop. Have you made a habit of playing along to the records and lasting the full duration? I understand that these are ‘samples’ and you have deliberately kept them short. How much time have you spent / do you spend at the end of your practice routines playing full songs?

Cheers :smiley:
| Richard_close2u | JustinGuitar Official Guide

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I do have as part of the practice routine set up specific time to practise new songs as well as 10 minutes for what I can already play. I do not have the song app as wanted on Kindle not phone so mostly this is from song book. Not along with recording though. Would be better to play along with a recording. Totally agree whole songs are the goal. :grinning:

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Options for songs…

Use youtube and the playback speed function if it is too fast.

Use an mp3 version and load into software (Audacity is freeware) to reduce the tempo if needed.

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Useful. Thanks. The short snippets posted were what I had recorded for ring tones rather than for comparison at some later stage in the journey. The “End of the line” was a complete chorus plus verse. I just have problems with the intro and outtro.