Beginner Piano Lesson (similar to JustinGuitar)

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I am enjoying the the JustinGuitar Beginner approach very much. Since my wife wants to learn how to play the piano I was wondering if you know any site that has a similar quality?

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I’ve not found anything identical but happy to share my experience if interested. Everyone learns differently and has different goals and musical interests and so it will depend on what style and pace of learning she is after? Also if looking for paid for courses vs donation or advertising funded approaches?

There are obviously many YouTube channels, some of which have additional paid courses or membership on top (Pianote, PianoTV, BitesizePiano, PianoPig and no doubt many others). I looked at some of the various options last year and found this video useful: What's The Best Way To Learn Piano Online? Pros & Cons 👩🏼‍🏫🎹 - YouTube

I like that channel but ironically this put me onto a different channel that really suited me: PianoTV School -

I’ve just completed Allysia’s CPP-A course and am looking to start the next one (CPP-B) when it opens next week (as it’s cohort based they open when one finishes). It is a 20 week course with weekly topics and prepared materials (sight reading, technique and a 16-24 bar piece) and regular zoom feedback sessions based on recordings you upload to a (smaller) discourse forum.

It is structured, challenging and fast paced and has a classical and sight reading focus which has suited me (and many others). It is not free form jump about and doesn’t have song tutorials (but can obviously be supplemented by YouTube). It’s also paid rather than donation or advertising funded.

Not sure if that helps but my piano journey has been similar to my guitar journey, so very stop start and well intentioned but limited in progression and I tried books, apps and random YouTube channels until I found something that worked for me. In the end finding and following that PianoTV course gave me the confidence to join this community and join in and share recordings as well as benefiting from the structured progression and appropriate availability of material to work on each next step which at early stages I find the hardest to research and put together if doing entirely on your own from ‘free’ resources.

Happy to answer more questions if have them - or share the relevant piano recordings from that course on my Learning Log or somewhere more suitable if want more details. Sorry for the lengthy post!

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I know there are similar threads on singing and bass but I’ve not seen one yet for drums… (which is next on my list)… :grinning:

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Hey grayal,

thank you o much for sharing your experience and knowledge about this topic. We will definitively check out your suggested sites.

Wishing you all the best on your musical journey :musical_note:


I had some success with the Yousician app a few years ago.

It had a good play along feature that you could slow down, and loop difficult sections. Somewhat similar to Justin’s app.

In addition, you could plug in a MIDI keyboard, and it would give you good feedback on correct notes and timing, which I found very useful.

But song selection was extremely limited unless you paid for the highest tier of monthly subscriptions, and I gave up on it after a few months. Even with a lower tier paid subscription, you would only get one song per level, typically. And I had no interest in learning most of the songs that were available in my tier.

That’s where Justin’s content really shines IMO. The large library of songs, carefully curated by level of difficulty. If I go back to playing keyboards again, that’s what I would look for.

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Hi folks. I’m a month or so into the beginner course on the paid for app. It’s fantastic and I’m loving the learning process. My partner really wants to get into playing the piano in the same way and loves the interaction of the learning platform and practice I do on Justin. Can anyone recommend a similar style app/learning platform they have found/heard of that would do the same for her on Piano as I am doing on Justin? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Christian.

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I used the Yousician app for a while, before I switched back to guitar.

It was the best one I tried, but not nearly as good as the whole Justin ecosystem.

Here’s someone asking the same question, and some good responses (I go into more detail about Yousician as well):

Welcome to the Community,. Christian. I can’t help with the piano question.

As an aside, I would encourage you to use the website lessons as well as the app. You may find more material per lesson on the website. And the App only covers the first two grades.


Thanks Tom, I’ve moved Christian’s message to the Topic you pointed out.

Many thanks all.

Welcome to the community! Glad you are enjoying your guitar journey! :smiley:

Just to add to some of my comments above - for context I’ve tried and failed a few times but finally found approaches that successfully work for me in learning both Guitar and Piano since probably last 2 years for Guitar and last 8 months for Piano.

Before that I’ve tried Yousician for both Piano and Guitar and had a free trial of Skoove for Piano which were good apps for what they were but ultimately didn’t suit me for learning an instrument as I never knew why I was playing particular notes or chords… I’ve heard good but similar comments about Playground Sessions but not tried it myself. I’d agree with Tom’s comments also.

Ultimately I found I needed a structured program of lessons followed by suggested practice routine followed by a community with encouragement to perform and record and share to best progress which I’ve found here with JustinGuitar for Guitar and as per my comments above for Piano! :smiley:

Sometimes I think it would be nice for Justin to franchise his approach to other instruments…! :grinning:

Happy to go into more detail if have questions.

Thank you. She has seen me progress with the app and YouTube Justin tutorials and like you likes the structure of it. I half thought there may well be a Justin piano, if not him but by musopia that powers the app. Thanks for your help and taking the time to reply.

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