Beginner with Amp Nux MP-2

Hi All,

I’ve only been playing for just over two weeks and I want to start using my amp…
It’s a Nux MP-2 Mighty Plug…will be using headphones.
All I want is some basic settings so I hear the notes as I play a song or practice my chord changes.
As you can appreciate there are numerous settings on these little amps LOL and I’ve no clue where to start.
Tried to watch YouTube video’s but they all seem geared towards more advanced players…

Any help and suggestions, greatly appreciated

Hi Rachel. Have a look at these previous posts, they might help.
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Hi Rachel,

what is probably most useful for you is that you choose a “clean” sound on your mini amp. A sound without distortion, heavy delay, etc. Because this way you will spot best if you fret the chords correctly.

If I remember correctly, channel 1 (the green one) provides a clean sound. No configuration is needed. I also have such a device at home and I mainly use the green channel.
This little headphone amp is so handy especially during evening times.



Thank you the info, it works great, just what i needed. Allows me to listen to the notes, the music while I’m practicing.
Happy Days :slight_smile: :grinning:


Awesome! Thanks for the feedback!

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