NAD - NuX Mighty Plug Pro (MP-3)

It’s. So. Good!

I also own the Harley Benton DNAfx-GiT Mobile and as far as features go there is no comparing the HB to the NuX MP-3. There is so much more included with the NuX product that it almost feels like there needs to be two categories of headphone-based guitar amplifiers.

The sound quality on both products is excellent, so if you want to save a bunch of money, buy the Harley Benton. Hands down it wins on value. The MP-3 was $139.00 CAD retail and the DNAfx was $59.99 CAD. For perspective, the Mustang Micro from Fender is $169 CAD.

This is where the MP-3 absolutely decimates the competition.

  • Full control via an app.
  • Support for IR cab simulations + user loadable IRs
  • It includes a metronome
  • Backing tracks supporting event triggers. Drop marker(s) in your backing tracks to activate FXs or swap amp models on-the-fly without taking your hands off of your guitar!
  • Drum tracks
  • Included FX - Noise gate, compression, overdrive/distortion/fuzz, delay, modulation, reverb, and EQ. Aside from the noise gate, every category of FX includes multiple choices.
  • Audio interface functionality supporting wet, dry, and re-amp routing.
  • Streaming ability including loopback
  • It has a mute button (yeah, I know it’s a small thing but I really like having a mute button)

If you are thinking about getting Mustang Micro, I really encourage you to consider trying out an MP-3 first. I’m seriously impressed, well done NuX!


Sounds great, thanks for the review! I recently got the Fender Mustang Micro, so, I might not switch any time soon, but I am envious of some of the features you mention! The built-in metronome, ability to load other amp sims, drum tracks, backing tracks with triggers, and app controllability all sounds very nice to me! I am very happy with my Mustang Micro, by the way, but it would be even better with those features.

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I have no doubt that the Mustang sounds really good if its clone is any indicator, so I don’t think that the quality of the modeling is going to determine which one people will choose. Brand loyalty, price point, and features are going to be what sells any one of the current selections on offer.

Having the ability to control it with an app was what sold me on the NuX.

I would not be at all surprised to see the next generation of headphone amps, especially Fender’s, come with some level of app support. Given that Fender already has an app for the Mustang and Rumble line of amps I wonder why they didn’t port it over to the Micro to start with.

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It seems that Nux makes some good stuff. I was asking about pedals at my local guitar shop, and the dude recommended the Nux MG300 multi-effects unit. I haven’t gotten one, since I decided to mostly just use my AI and PC, but it seems they are very popular.

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There are some Chinese brands that punch way above their weight and NuX is one of them. I’ve been keeping an eye on their products for a little while now and I don’t think they have a bad one in the bunch.

The NDD-7, their take on a tape echo is going to be the next pedal I buy. In every demo that I’ve seen it just sounds amazing.

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I have the Nux mp3 (Pro) for practice and love it. Worth mentioning the fx chain is also adjustable, you can change the positioning of components in the signal chain.
You can load your own backing tracks too.
You can also run the MP3’s headphone output to your amps aux input or powered speakers. Pretty versatile and some great tones.

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There is also a second app you can use with the Might Plug. It offers all of the same features of the Might Amp app but includes extras like hundreds of preset slots, better backing track support, and landscape mode.


Yep, NUX actually make some pretty good stuff. I’ve had their Mighty Plug 2 for a while now - and yes, a brilliant little bit of gear, especially with the Mightier App. I suspect the 3 is even better.

Cheers, Shane

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The Mightier app is certainly popular. Unfortunately there’s no iOS version currently available.

Regarding the mp3, there is a new firmware available. More amp/ir cab tones and a built in tuner (at last)!

One of the pitfalls of community-created software projects is that they sometimes don’t have the resources or talent needed to port to other platforms. Looking at GitHub however tells me that it’s only a matter of time before Mighter Amp is out for iOS.

Thanks for the heads-up on the update. :+1:

It’s a great bit of gear. It works well as an audio interface. The new mightier amp app also allows you to use a midi controller with it. The M-VAVE chocolate wireless midi controller seems to be a good choice.

Here it is being used to swap between presets.

Here is a more in depth guide using the Nux mighty air but i’d assume it would work the same way with the mighty Plug Pro.


That is pretty slick. Not only can it cycle through presets but you can toggle the effects on and off and it’s cheap too, between $20 and $40 depending on how shady you like your online retailers.

We may have reached peak gear when you can have a 4 button wireless foot controller for your headphone guitar amp.

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:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Huh, I didn’t even make it to two weeks, eh?

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Hi Richard, Where did you get yours. Amazon ?

If you’re asking about the MP3, I ordered mine from a music store in Ontario, they were one of the few places I found with inventory at that time.

The M-Vave footswitch came from Amazon.
One thing to note with the footswitch; to use it with Android you will need to sideload the app, it’s not in the Play Store, if you’re on iOS you can get the app from the Appstore.
There is also a Windows version of the software but I haven’t tried using it.

Thanks Richard. The foot switch as I have the mp3 already. Might have to wait for mightier amp on iOS though.

The iOS version of Migther Amp is now in the App Store.

Thanks for the heads up Richard. Downloading now😁.
The tutorial video is very helpful.
Edit: Found a forum where member posted link to his FB groups custom presets for sharing. I have tried a few and found some I really liked. You can scan/download individually or simply download the full preset files. Link is here.

If you own an ipad/iphone then I highly recommend the free Tonebridge app. It will find a specific tone for a specific song using a simple search. The tones are generally very good.

It also integrates nicely with Garageband.

Here is a video on how to record guitar in Garageband and how to use the Tonebridge app.

Unfortunately the android version of Tonebridge app doesn’t work with the NUX plug. Something about it being digital.

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This is what the app says:

I would actually characterise this as “built -in” versus “external” rather than “analogue” versus “digital”: ultimately both are digital.

It looks like the Android version of Tonebridge currently only supports the built-in audio interface.



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