NGD - Nux MightyPlug

Just bought a NUX MP-2 Mighty Plug headphone amplifier, after some research. Absolutely blown away by this thing.
I needed a solution for what I call “focused noodling” outside my structured guitar practice. I usually do all my structured practice in the “music room” on the electric, and usually play the acoustic on the lounge. Needed a solution where I could easily pick up the electric, amplified, and play it anywhere and anytime. This little gem has solved that problem, and much more on top of that.
The tones and variety out of this little unit are unbelievable, at least for my novice ears. With 13 amp models, 20 IRs, and 19 effects, the possibilities are endless. Has an acoustic “simulator” channel too, which sounds awesome. The sounds are crystal clear with zero background noise.
Via bluetooth, you can control it via a phone app, can play along/ improvise with backing tracks, even functions as a basic audio interface for recording. Cant believe all this is packed into this device for $110AUS.
My actual guitar amp is also from NUX - a Mighty8BT - has been a great basic first amp for me, and has taught me alot about the basics of things like reverb, delay, modulation etc. This headphone amp is next level though for me as far as amp models, IRs, effects etc. Can see a few late nights ahead as I read up on this stuff, and learn how to utilise them. Will probably also be hassling some of you more experienced folk with questions :crazy_face:



Sounds like your having loads of fun with your new toy Shane.
Just a word of warning. My son who will be 40 this year has started to develop tinnitus due to practising guitar through headphones at too high a volume. Take care!

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Yeah thanks Gordon, will do.:slightly_smiling_face:

Looks great, Shane, enjoy it.

Hi there, I’m holidaying in QLD Australia at the moment and also use some Nux gear. I agree, it’s pretty good gear for the price. I have the Nux Mighty BT20 Modelling Amp which is amazingly versatile and have ordered the Nux Mighty Plug Pro (MP-3) Practice Modelling Amp too, but will have to wait till I get home to try out the MP-3. For the price this thing looks and sounds amazing! There’s a great review here Nux Mighty Plug Pro - Heaven In Your Ears - YouTube

If I bought one of these could I have it connected to a Chromebook so I could listen to Justinguitar lessons and play guitar at the same time.
Hopefully this makes sense to you. I find that listening to a computer for lessons and playing through an amp is a bit unbalanced ie my guitar drowns out the lesson.

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So my guitar and lesson sounds both come through the headphones. If the previous message wasn’t clear.

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I do that with the Nux Mighty Air amp - not sure if you can do it with the plug. With the Mighty Air, I’ve got a tablet connected via the Aux In on the amp, and headphones connected to the headphone out socket on the amp.

You can also connect your Chromebook or tablet/phone etc to the amp via bluetooth, but unfortunately due to latency issues there is a lag between audio and video. Not an issue if you’re just listening to a lesson or playing a backing track, but doesn’t work if you are e.g. using an app where visual prompts need to be synchronized with notes.

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Thanks for the reply.
I’ll certainly look into it further.

The Plug has two Bluetooth channels. One connection for the app to adjust settings and another one to connect to an audio/video input. Connected this way there is no appreciable lag between audio/video and guitar output to wired earphones. The second channel is not visible until you have connected to the device via the first channel. I thought the Air was the same?
If you output to Bluetooth earphones/speakers you will get noticeable lag between guitar and audio output.

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Yes, there is no lag between audio output and guitar output. The latency issue I’m referring to is where eg you are using the songs app or watching a video lesson on a tablet or phone, connected to the amp via Bluetooth. When you watch the screen on the device the video or chord prompt is out of sync (ahead) of the audio output from the amp. When connected as a wired aux in input this isn’t an issue.


I’m having the same problem with my Mighty Plug Amp, the lag when listen to songs or strumming lessons…

I have the app on my phone, connect via Bluetooth and use headphones. On the same phone i open the justin app and try and do lessons but I find there is lag on the strumming and also i think the app doesn’t pick up the sounds whwn doing 1min changes or perfect chords properly.

Any suggestions?

I’m afraid there’s no way round the inherent latency with Bluetooth so when I am using videos, or guitarpro etc, I have to use an aux cable or wired usb connection to the amp.

What is great about the Nux Mighty Air (and I think plug) is I can have a Bluetooth source from a tablet which I can use for backing tracks etc where I don’t care about sync with video, as well as a USB c input from another device (I use a laptop for lessons, using the website not the app), all connected at the same time along with the guitar input.

I have moved on to another amp now that just has as aux in and it’s workable but does tie you to one device.

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I finally did get the mighty plug mp2 and it works fine with the Chromebook if anyone is interested.
Headphones into the mp2. Mp2 into the Chromebook via usbc cable and work the mighty amp app through my phones Bluetooth.
For some reason the mighty amp apps don’t work properly on the Chromebook. They downloaded ok but the full screen doesn’t show properly.
The built in backing tracks sound doesn’t come through the headphones for some reason. but out of the phone. But YouTube lessons etc and my guitar comes through the headphones okay.
As you can probably tell I’m not very technical but it’s working.

There are two Bluetooth connections on the Mighty plug. Make sure both are connected.:slightly_smiling_face:

I have a set of wireless headphones (not Bluetooth). You still need to plug the wireless headphones base into the mighty plug (or amp) but the headphones are separated. No lag with wireless.