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Anyone know how to get a tone like in this song lesson? It’s a great tone that’s kind of clean but has a bit of snarl in it.

I have a modelling amp so any tips on amp model, gain, pedals, etc would be great.

Hi JK I covered this a while ago if you want to check my tone and if it suits you, although it is different to Justin’s. Better man - Pearl Jam From my memory it was sort of like this:

Clean channel
Bass 12 o clock
Mid 9 o clock
Treble I think was 2 o clock

Lots of playing around with EQ although I don’t remember from top of my head exact settings. I think there was a really small amount of reverb too, probably medium room one at circa 7-8 o clock.

Switch 2nd position counting from bridge side and my strat is HSS pickups. Hope this gives you a good starting point.

Thanks Adrian I have watched your vid before. I was hoping to find that “dirty clean” sound in the Justin video as it’s a great sounding tone in general. I put a tube screamer on very low gain in front of a twin reverb and it’s close but still not quite right.

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