Bias FX2 -> Reaper

I’m using a realtone cable as input/mike , Bias FX2 as amp software and have installed reaper to do some recording.

I get the Bias FX2 sound in reaper when I play, but when I record it only records the realtone input rather than the bias fx2 output, I can post more details later but I assume I am doing something silly somehow?

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Some guess work here based on what I see online. Do you normally use the desktop software for Bias FX 2 when playing? If so then it won’t record this sound if you just select your input in reaper. You will need to use the bias fx2 plugin ( which I believe comes with the software ) and apply this to the reaper track that you are recording to. If it’s like any other plug-in once applied you’ll be able to select and configure it through plug-in in reaper. At the moment I’m guessing you’re just selecting your real-tone input and recording the dry signal. Read up on how to use the bias fx2 plug-in with a DAW


Ah yes that sounds quite plausable!

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OK that was it, it was pointing at the wrong bias fx folder, once i fixed that I could run it as a plugin and worked.

Except theres heaps of lag :confused:


Good job, good news, Rob, thanks for closing that loop.

Have you read through Is there a way I can record, hear myself, and not have latency with an audio interface?