Biker friendly B&B in France

Toby, do you run a B&B in Normandy? I inquired about a biker friendly B&B last summer while I was in the UK. I was going to ferry over but logistics got too complicated with COVID and the UK and France were a bit p-ssy last summer so I just biked south England.

I plan on trying again for my 70th. Cheers

:rofl: No I came here to retire in peace, it’s the last thing I would want to do, let alone with my wife’s long term health issues.

UK-France by ferry should be fairly straight forward but COVID messed that up a little with restrictions and its a bigger ball ache post Brexit. OK if you ride over but lots of extra certificates and payments if you trailer the bike,

As to B&Bs there used to be a biker place about 30 minutes from me but closed after the UK left the EU. They likely went back. Not aware of any others but a good place to asked would be HERE if you use Facebook or not like the many folks adverse to using it.

Hope that helps.


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Fawlty Towers

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That will be in Torquay in the UK, not here. :rofl:

What’s a biker-friendly B&B? :thinking:

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Something like that!


That would qualify :slight_smile:

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Hate to digress from the muse but music and motorcycles go together.

This is my local ride. It was my COVID project during lockdown. I watched Easy Rider several times and found a local chrome shop that was open. Not many chrome shops around any more but I gave this guy some business. I don’t ride a lot but when the weather is right and I can put on my leathers I like to go.

But you’re right, the reason I didn’t go to France last year was more because of Brexit. There were long delays at the crossings and I didn’t have a lot of time. Besides the ferry was a lot longer than I anticipated.

I ended up renting a bike in London and visited a friend in South Hampton, visited the Motor Museum which was fun. Rode west to Barnstaple, did the coast a bit and stayed in Knowstone. My freind’s brother and his wife own and operate the Masons Arms restaurant. It’s a Michelin rated restaurant and there is nothing in Knowstone except his place. It was quite nice.

It was my wife’s 60th so I got her and her freind tickets to Wimbeldon and while they enjoyed the games I went out and played. Had a great time!

Did Liverpool and Shefield as well. Liverpool was an unexpected treat. Spent a long Sunday afternoon at the Cavern Club drinking ale and dancing with my wife. It was the highlight of the trip!!

BTW- going through your learning log. It’s great! Thanks for sharing.


Next time you’re in Liverpool, give me a shout… I run a biker friendly B&B :rofl:


Will do! Unfortunately 13 months ago I hadn’t started my guitar journey. Will definitely reach out my next visit. Love the UK!

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I’ll see your Harley and show my Low Rider.

Sounds like a great tour but the roads are way quieter over here.

I call the last 3 years or so the Curse of The Harley. Got this is Oct 2019 after 46 years of various Brit and Japanese bikes. Then got 3 months of monsoon weather, wife had her first heart attack in the January, then COVID hit and the rest is history. An aging dog and poorly wife restricted rides but our old GSD passed last December, so I’ve been out a few more times this year. Raining like mad this week but due to hit clear skies and 29C Sunday and Monday, so finger crossed for another outing.

As for B&B thought it stood for Bikes n Beers :rofl:


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It’s a pity that something so beautiful so often reminds you of very bad and annoying things :cry:, but it shines beautifully against a beautiful background :sunglasses:

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Toby, sorry to bring up bad vibes, my appologies.

Strange but the one thing that may delay my next European trip is my dog. She’s getting on in years and I’m not sure I can leave her for an extended period.

Riding in the UK was a challenge but at least on the motorcycle everything was in the same location, throttle, clutch, brake etc. When I got my rental car at Heathrow and it was a manual trans, NOW THAT WAS A CHALLENGE!!! Throw in the round abouts and I was seriously stressed the first few hours :slight_smile:

Be well.

No worries Roch all is good. I guess that rental would have been a nightmare and driving on the “wrong side” of the road. Found the same here when I switched my UK car for French but at least I’d spent decades driving with a manual gearbox. Yeah bikes make life a lot simpler but still getting used to individual turn signal switches on the Hog ! Man that took a while to get my head around ! :rofl:

It’s called “Brian’s Couch Surfers Paradise” :motorcycle: :coffee: :couch_and_lamp:


I grew up driving a manual so it was not that big of a deal.

I want to close out by saying a few things and this may get blocked but there is no malice intended. This thread is jogging my memory and bringing back some thoughts and emotions. Bear with me and I hope no one is offended.

My last stop in the UK last year was to Oxford to pay my respects to Sir Winston. The cemetery is not easy to find by the way :).

Regardless of what people may feel about the man, we all owe him a great deal. Never have so many, owed so much to so few.

Toby you live in Normandy so you know of what I speak. My last trip there was during Bastille day and as I helped set up a tent for a local celebration a gentleman told me to this day he does not take his chainsaw to a fallen oak because he’s afraid he’ll hit shrapnell and ruin his blade. The biggest fear there is that the world will forget.

When Sir Winston was questioned about why liberate France he was asked, “What has France done for civilzation?” His reply- “France is civilization.” I tend to agree.

And that’s what the muse is all about isn’t it? It helps keep us civilized.

Take care-


There’s a good reason we have a policy of avoiding politics and religion in the Community (I should know- I’ve broken most of them :roll_eyes:)
I doubt anyone will take offense at your observations but would like to add that other equally valid opinions exist :wink:
(I forgot to mention: Vive le fou et la France! :smiley:)

Best park it there folks


On a sunny afternoon like today, I still miss my hairdryer Vespa :rofl:

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