Black Betty - Ram Jam cover

Hello folks, this is finally a follow up after my Open Mic performance, a bit more polished up version which I hope you’ll enjoy! Few bumps along the way, nothing new and as expected with my first formal attempt while “shredding” (if we call it that way as metalheads would argue :sweat_smile:).

One moment I wasn’t particularly happy about as I sort of entered the riff to late, but I caught up quickly after and I probably wouldn’t be able to replicate such a good attempt again overall :sweat_smile: no more talking just enjoy!


Awesome! :grinning:

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Hi Adrian, I could say a lot, but that will only be a lot of superlatives of fantastic :star_struck: … also on behalf of my wife who was enjoying it … well done dude :joy:

:sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
Very deep bow…and :bouquet: :rose: :rose: :bouquet:

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:metal: nuff said

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That was terrific Adrian, sounds like shredding in my book! Great tone too. Well done.

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The song itself is a masterclass in style. So far removed from it’s original roots it’s a new standard IMO.

That was a good run through. This will no doubt be one of those songs you’ll practice often and you’ll be able to use it to entertain with.

Thanks for sharing. Never occurred to me that those jabs were up strums!

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Sheer delight to watch you rock this one again, Adrian. Next level playing.

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Great stuff :grinning:

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You’re the man Adrian! Rockin the community mate! This heavier, dark side is bringing out some awesome, next level performances from you. Do you take requests? :crazy_face:

Cheers, Shane

Al, Alexis, Gordon, David and Dave - many thanks for the listen, glad you enjoyed it! :slight_smile:

John - yes I love this rendition as well I remeber being very young chap watching TV there was a channel called Eurosport and during commercials they used to try sell VHS tapes with some old time classics from different time periods and this song always stuck out to me, as in was just staying in my head for a very long time. Childhood dream accomplished to learn how to play it! :wink: appreciate also warm words from a band member who has plenty of experience in his pocket, means I wouldn’t be too bad in one :smile:

Rogier - thanks again for the listen, glad both you and your wife enjoyed it I do recall nice messages during OM event :smile:

Shane - same thank you for nice words. Haha maybe one day I will take some requests once I am able to learn songs faster than 6 months :rofl:

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So. Good.

Adrian I was watching you in awe during the last OM, was amazed at the playing. You’re a next level shredder! Sounded awesome.

Tone was great too!

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Like @sclay says, if you’re taking requests - Yellow Ledbetter please :rofl:

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Born To Be Wild came to my mind instantly. :crazy_face::sunglasses::partying_face:


Absolutely awesome Adi.

What makes a great guitar player is they make it look easy and you sure made that look easy. :slight_smile:

Oooooo, requests! Under the bridge, please. :smiley:

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Loved this at the open mic and lovin it now :smiley: also one of my favourites from days gone by :clap:

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Thank you JK, you are too kind! And I tried YL a few times already, what frustrates me is that I can’t sing along to this one as there are so many embellishments played during the verse, I guess that’s why Eddie doesn’t play it himself :smiley:

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Not sure when did I say I take requests but this is a great song which is somewhere on my list, perhaps not on top though :smiley:

Thanks Stefan, certainly not as easy as it looks trust me!

This recommendation is definitely somewhere closer to the top of my list, but not quite there yet :smiley:

Thanks Nancy, glad you enjoyed it so much that you rewatched it, awesome!

Hello Adrian! It was a great performance, your guitar sounded amazing! I think you will sometimes enjoy playing this song for warm-up, and for your own pleasure!
I really liked it, thanks for sharing.


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