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Hello Peeps

Been a while since I looked at this lessons but there is a disparity between lesson and tab. For the verse Justin shows D5 slide up to an E5 power chord but with the added 5th played on the E string. The tab shows a single note D then E on the 5th string followed by the open E string for the rest of the verse riff. So either the lesson is wrong or the tabs is wrong, my ears tell me its the tab that’s the problem.

Appreciate some one following this up please.



I should add the tab does not show the E D B G intro either. MMMmm looks like a bargain basement version. :frowning_face:

Thanks Toby.

Fired this off to the support teaam.

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Thanks David, like I say been a while and now I have the tab subscription was keen to see how much of the song was covered. Not off to a good start ! :rofl:

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Hi Toby … it seems you have found one of the published tabs that might fall within the ‘needs review’ category according to this FAQ.


Interesting but I wonder then where the publisher got this one from. Hal Leonard ? Renowned for publishing rubbish tab, certainly not Blackmore.
I don’t know what the intro bar is telling me and the verse looks like a beginners bass line. Nil point from Normandie.


Because I love you so much … you have mail.

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