Blues 12 Bar Riff

I never know where to put this stuff so I’m throwing it out here.

I am reading Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography and in the early chapters. He talks about one of the first songs he played when he started playing in bars in Central Jersey. It’s called Honkytonk by Bill Doggett and was written back in 1956.

I know from the threads that many people are finishing module two and doing the blues solo. This is classic 12 bar riff that Justin talks about in his lessons.


Honky Tonk! Both The Ventures & The Beach Boys covered that song with a Surf Rock flavor, it’s a really cool 12 bar blues sound with soul!


As Bruce said in his book, it was a great song then and still great today. I’m using it for my blues riff practice.

Thanks for this hint.
I have his autobiography in my book shelf. Maybe it’s time to read it :thinking::smiley:.

I had this book in my house since it was written about 10 years ago but am just now getting around to read it :slight_smile:

Interesting footnote about Doggett. He was not a guitarist or blues player. He was jazz and played organ and sax but he said he stumbled on this riff and found it “ moved” people where he played. He spent a couple years developing the song with help of his guitar playing partner.

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