Blues Club #7 with Justin | Blues Techniques I

Blues with Justin live class #7

Hello folks!

Apologies to anyone who couldn’t get into the meeting! The recording is available here if you want to review any bits you missed! We’ll send out an email notification once that’s ready. :slight_smile:

Here are the questions from the Live Class Q&A box:

  1. Can you elaborate on the interplay of technique and equipment?
  2. How can one determine which notes are suitable for bends on the pentatonic scale, as some notes don’t sound right when bent?
  3. Are double stops (diads) a technique that blues musicians can utilize effectively, such as Scotty Moore on “That’s Alright Mama”?
  4. Aside from the rolling 4ths technique, could you demonstrate another method to make minor pentatonic scale playing more musical?
  5. Regarding blues turn-arounds, should they be approached like licks, where one learns a collection of them, or is there a different mindset for learning and using these?
  6. Since improvising involves the utilization of many techniques, is it possible for you to set up a session that includes a series of sections showing how to do each technique across the fretboard, for instance in the A minor pentatonic scale. For example, one video could be on basic BENDS, and how to do them across the front board on various strings. Other sessions could instruction on the techniques of Chromatic licks, Double Stops, and so forth. This way students could practice each technique and then put them together to create their own licks to begin improvising.

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:sunflower: Thank you for the recording! :sunflower:

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So glad there is a recording for this :smiley:
Family birthday last night meant I missed it live. Thanks :+1:

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