Blues Immersion - Justin mentioned a blues course starting in June - could we please have some more info on that?

Hi everyone :kissing_heart::guitar:

I did a review videos of Strings i bought from Amazon Ernie ball and Daddario companies.

Bending on 10s in an acoustic guitar.

9s Daddario. Bending is too easy.

Gagan, that’s great news for Kurt and Michael. :slight_smile:

Your test give hope to all acoustic players that are interested in Blues Immersion. It might be a little bit harder at the beginning, but you show that there are also some string solutions to make it easier without compromising too much the tone.

Hi Mathieu. What guitar you playing?

I have 2 electric guitars (prs mccarty and fender strat) and 1 acoustic Seagull guitar. I will try one of your recommandation for my acoustic strings.

Hey JK,

Is there such a course info page on Justins site? Stuffed if I can find it.

Can u please shoot us the link to the page. Website search engine isnt bringing it up ( not surprising, pre 2000 tech). Even did a
site:operator search via Google. No luck.

Cheers, Shane

@sclay It was displayed at the top of the page when i logged into the forum and when I logged into the lessons website (not the karaoke app). I hope that helps.

Thank you everyone for the great insights and lively discussion. But I think I’m going to leave the Martin Lifespan 2.0 phosphor bronze 12 lights on my Martin 000-15m as they sound amazing.

I don’t think there is course page yet. If you go to subscribe for updates on the course, you have a course explanation on that page.

Good. Bending makes it easier. :guitar::kissing_heart:

I got there from a banner that popped up - looks like it’s not a normal site page, the mail chimp link @Boris1565 posted is the go.

Shane are you on the Newsletter mailing list ? Its been bumped on that for the last few months with links provided.


This below is from the last info :

You’ll have lifetime access to the course materials (but not the live classes) after our 6-month coaching period…


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