Blues Improv in the Key of E

Hello there, beautiful people :blush:,

I’m here to upload my monthly AVOYP. I almost missed this month as I didn’t have a proper song to play, but I committed to myself to upload a video every single month, to keep the momentum and have a nice chronology of my guitar journey :blush:.

So, this time I’m not playing any known song, but I’m playing a Quick Change 12 Bars Blues in E as backing track and then improvising a bit over it with the 1st position of the minor pentatonic.

For now, my improvisation is just playing around with random notes in the pentatonic scale, so I hope to make sense of this with some music theory in the early future.

Oh, And I started a couple of days ago to learn vibrato properly, so it is a bit of that too :stuck_out_tongue:.

Thank you in advance to all of you that take the time to see me playing. It really helps that the community kind of makes us accountable for our purposes.


Nice! Sounded good to my ears. Thanks for keeping it short and sweet and focused on good rhythm and a few tasty lead lines. More is not always better. In the heat of the moment (I’m as guilty as anyone) it’s easy to over play and not provide space and a melody. You did good!

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Great start into blues improv Edgar. Your ‘feel’ for it sounds pretty good, and you’re leaving a bit of space in the phrasing which is good also.
Staying in one position to start with is a wise move, and aligns with Justin’s sage advice of milking that one position as much as possible. Eg. Learning licks, mapping the chord tones etc


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Nicely done, Edgar, you are on your way down the blues road. Lots to like, as highlighted by Clint and Shane. You also targeted the chord tones well, that is ending up a phrase on a note from the chord being played. Look forward to more of these from you.

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Some great blooze licks going on there Edgar. Well done.

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Nicely played Edgar. Sounded sweet.

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Sounding good to me there Edgar, I’m nudging ever so slowly into the Blues module and AVOYPs like this will give me that little push to get in fully!
Nice mood in that overall :+1:

Sounded good to me too Edgar. I liked how you borrowed one of Justin’s caps for this one. You looked the part and played the part. Your quick change blues and phrasing was really good. Very well done mate. Look forward to hearing some more from you.

For a bunch of random notes, to quote you, it came out very nicely Edgar. A nice step into the world of impro and a good base to start from. The more you do this, the more phrases you’ll discover, what works and what doesn’t work. Throw in the odd lick you know and away you go. Looking forward to more of your Blues Journey.


Nothing shabby about that at all, you gave it room to breathe and put down some decent phrases, only 2 things missing (that I always point out!) bends and vibrato; need to be on your must do list for the blues.

Thank you, Clint! Amen to that!

Hi there, Shane!

Thank you for listening.

I was eager to learn more positions, but I saw that I can explore a lot with the first one transposing. So it was about time to try the improv recording and let the rest of positions for later when I can actually make music with this one :slight_smile:

Thanks, David!

Blues has been a great discovery for me with Justin. Is really empowering being able to play around with some music theory and create something. Besides the expressivity you can get with the blues is excellent. Is not a surprise that blues is a big influence on so many rock and metal bands.

Thank you guys! Really appreciate your support

Thanks, Mark!

Blues has been deceivingly hard for me. It seemed I had just to learn some chords and progressions… but getting comfortable enough to give it some feeling is really hard. So good luck in your journey and stay motivated :+1:.

Thank you, James! I thought maybe Justin’s ability could be in those caps and wearing one will skyrocket my technique, but no, It didn’t :rofl:

Thank you for your support,Toby :man_bowing:t2:

This has been superfun and I’m enjoying improvising in Module 13. As you say, I’ll keep practicing and discovering new licks :blush:. Sure you’ll see more blues from me :+1:

Thanks for watching Darrell!

Yeah, You’re totally right that it feels like something is missing without those. But don’t worry that vibrato practice is in my current practice routine, and coming up next… bending!

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Some may say a big influence on western music in the 20th century, period. I heard it describe as the coming together of the prevailing classically influenced music and the more free form west African music that birthed the blues. And much evolved from there.

But I am no musicologist.

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That is some sweet playing there Edgar. I loved it. Very mellow and laid back.

Really nice work Edgar.

Probably that’s an accurate statement too :blush:. I only said rock and heavy because is what I know for the book of heavy metal history I’m reading :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Next I’ll read one about blues for sure

Many thanks for your time :pray:

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Camera as looping pedal. Awesome idea. I have cameras!

Nice playing too. :+1:

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Thanks @danmcmartin :blush:.

Yeah, I have to use the camera as a looping pedal because my DAW didn’t support the loop + recording :frowning: . So the idea came out of necessity :rofl:.

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Very nice! Loved the idea of embedding the loop video. Am inspired, need to get off my butt and try some improv.

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Glad you like the idea. When are you uploading your improv then? :grin:

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What blues structure were you using for the chords? Looks like you move off the 1 chord quickly (like after 1 bar)?

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