Bo Diddley - Before You Accuse Me

It’s been a while since I posted up a recording here. Lots of reasons and shan’t bore you with the details. And I hadn’t intended to upload this. This is a dry run recording I made in the afternoon before the Community OM19 event. I don’t share the dry runs as a rule given that the performance is in the shared recordings (if you’ve never looked at an OM recording, worth a look Open Mics Archive: Recordings + After-Show Chat). But I started well, fell apart, and so there’s no performance to ‘enjoy’. So glad to be able to share a recording when it went OK.

While that was disappointing, even embarrassing, I got a lot from the preparation and don’t regret not giving into the impulses to bail out.

This is my second song to make use of the Digitech Trio+. For those not in the know, it is a pedal that allows you to create drum and bass accompaniment by ‘teaching’ the band a song by playing chord progressions. There may be easier ways to create simple backing tracks but there is lots to learn and gain plus fun using the Trio.

I worked through the Beginner Course as it was before the Musopia App was available. So in my learning I never invested time in playing along with original songs or backing tracks. I know I could have found a way but given where I used to practice with an acoustic it just wasn’t easily done at the time (lots of reasons, more boring details not worth sharing. I now find playing with the Trio a challenge. That’s good but like all challenges, sometimes it just doesn’t go well.

Setting up to produce a ‘good’ quality audio recording live is also something that I find interesting and fun. To achieve what I want I found it necessary to upgrade my Audio Interface, from a Focusrite 2i2 to a Behringer UMC404HD, needing three inputs. That arrived in the week before the event, giving me Saturday to get all the ducks in a row.

That worked out OK, though I need to experiment a little more as I think I can achieve a better setup for performance in the Zoom meeting. Another moment not to bore you with details.

Maybe some production details will be interesting to folk wondering about how to make recordings and perform live.

  • The Trio was plugged directly into the 404 using its amp output
  • Electric guitar plugged directly into the 404, no pedals, multi-fx between guitar and 404
  • Vocal was routed into the 404 via the TC Helikon Play Acoustic
  • Audio and webcam setup in OBS, using 4 audio sources, two for the electric guitar
  • OBS filters used to simulate an amp and fx on the guitar tracks
  • Guitar tracks panned left and right with different fx plus a 50ms offset to create a fuller wider sound
  • OBS then feeds Zoom with a virtual cable and camera for the OM or to make the recording as shared

For those interested in this and regular users of a DAW who’ve experienced plug-in GAS, I discovered in the process that Waves make a free plug-in, Studio Rack, which is essentially a channel strip enabling you to setup a chain of fx, either in your DAW or in OBS. I’ve suffered plug-in GAS over the years so was able to use a few CLA Waves plugins to create the guitar sound. Sadly the trying to drop the Waves GTR plugins into Studio Rack in OBS was too much and crashed OBS.

Anyhow, that’s about enough chit-chat, here’s the recording, which is best listened to through headphones.


Good solid performance David. Not easy to keep that shuffle going and sing along with it, so well done. Shame about the OM but these things happen now and then. This recording shows you were more than capable of the performance, especially given those “other” factors.

Thanks for the shout out on Waves Studio Rack for OBS. I’d been running StudioRack v9 in Reaper now and then, which explains why it was not OBS compliant. Just loaded down SR v14 and will try feeding the UMC 1820 in OBS with GTR input from PlayAcoustic (all plumbed in) but if I get some success, I’ll DI the acoustic into the UMC and add some Waves CLA fx in OBS and see how things turn out. Top tip for Waves user David so thx. :+1:



There was a nice groove going on, David! Immediately got me rocking along with you. :smiley: :clap: I enjoyedd this performance and it clearly shows what you are capable of and how much you love the blues. :slight_smile:

As Toby said, it’s a shame it didn’t work out live yesterday, but given the fact we’re all only human and the “other” things, it this where people normally say “Sh*t happens”. You gave it a try at least, so nothing to be embarassed about (I know, easier said than done) and I’m happy you shared this dry run with us! :smiley:

The details you share on the setup are quite interesting, even though I understand only half of it (yet). But surely will be of high value for others and once I’m ready to enter this rabbit hole, too, will give it a closer read again.

Thanks for sharing! :smiley:


David. that was a very insightful introductory post to the recording. Thank you for including the production details. I thought you laid a very good backing track on the Trio. On top of that you played the shuffle rhythm in time and imparted feeling which is not that easy to do while singing. I found the vocals to be the icing on the cake. An all round solid performance. I’m really sorry to hear the OM performance didn’t go to plan. Try not to be too disheartened. Like the @TheMadman_tobyjenner says you can’t win them all and you’ve chalked up an impressive amount of solid OM performances.

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Hello David, thanks for this nice rendition :hugs:. As I’ve just started my blues journey (I’m currently at module 13), I’m now familiar with this song. It’s got a very bluesy vibe, your shuffle rhythm was really good and steady :+1::clap:. And I admire your ability to have your pinky under full control :slightly_smiling_face:.

Thanks a lot for sharing :hugs:.

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Well that was perfectly played! Well done and enjoyable. And a pretty full on tech setup at that, too.

A real shame it didn’t work out live… that’s the pressure of live at times, I guess. I think most of us have that factor where things that work out well time and time again in practice just fall over melting live.

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Totally flawless David. I really admire anyone who can sing and play at the same time (I can’t even sing in tune regardless of whether I have a guitar present or not!).

The vocals are absolutely spot on and as I’ve said before, the vocal chorus thing you use (very subtley) adds that final touch. Terrific recording.

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Hi David , great share thanks. That is an amazing setup with a lot going on so from me just hats off mate looks like it’s all coming together nicely.

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Excellent performance David, I’m glad you shared it. I tried to emulate those pinky reaches and my stubby little digit just won’t reach. :roll_eyes:

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Great performance David. Shame it didn’t happen for you on the night, I really felt for you. At least you know that you have a very supportive group here.

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Hey David. I liked your tone. Smooooth! Nice style for that song I thought.

Sorry to hear of your “hiccup” in the OM but at least you powered through it.

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Yes, it’s a shame it didn’t work in the OM, David. But thanks for sharing this. Very enjoyable performance. I like the bits about the technical side you shared too.

On a side note, how can I get one of those shirts? :wink:

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Hi David,
I liked it very much :sunglasses: :clap: :sunglasses:

And you have now also made me curious about the OM :smile:… it will probably be a while before I have 2 hours in a row to sit in front of it.

Contrary to what other people say I say it is not a point at all that something (or all)went wrong live, the most important thing is how you deal with it :wink: :sunglasses:


David, I didn’t hear the OM recording yet, but please don’t feel disheartened that obviously it didn’t work as good as you were prepared for. We all know about your solid performances and this one here proofs your capabilities!
First of all, very interesting to read about your technical setup, slowly but steadily things get a bit clearer for me whilst reading about technical setups. As far as I can see, trio, guitar and vocals were very well balanced.
Good song choice, reminds me to start practicing this one too. I liked the smooth tone of your guitar and your mellow singing very much and you transported the bluesy vibe very well, while keeping a precise and steady shuffle, which isn’t easy all whilst singing. Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed the listen!

Fabulous performance David. You had a really nice groove going and he had me tapping my foot along with you.

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Liked that a lot David, super smooth shuffling and some nice little personal touches on vocal lines.
I really felt for you on Saturday, you’ve redressed the balance in the world with posting this :grin:
Stay well :+1:

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Solid stuff David. You really kept the shuffle groove going and I’m impressed by your little finger barre chord stretch! Your Trio backing was great, you’re getting to grips with that pedal. I look forward to the version with lead guitar too :grinning:

I know you like critique so…
Your vocal was very much on the 1234 beat. Perhaps you could try singing some of the lyrics ‘off’ beat if you know what I mean. That would add to the blues feel I think.

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Thanks and appreciation to all of your for taking a look 'n listen, offering all the support and encouragement, and glad you enjoyed the song, found some value in the technical details.

I feel much better and will be back to have another go in OM20 (though probably not this song).

I’ll add a few extra comments where more is needed.

Look forward to hearing what you discover with StudioRack and OBS, Toby. I know you’ll share and perhaps we start a Topic in the appropriate Category.

The shirts are available on the website, Tosh. Get it here JustinGuitar Community Shirt – JustinGuitar Merch Store and links to some others you may like Open Mic – JustinGuitar Merch Store, JGTR 20 Years – JustinGuitar Merch Store

Pam, Roger, you’ll not find my failed attempt in the OM recording. I stopped when it fell apart and didn’t have a second go. And it was asking too much of me to go public with a recording of verse 1 and then me losing it and stopping. The thing is with the Trio, once you’ve lost the beat it just keeps going and hard to resume.

That’s a fair point about the phrasing of the lyrics over the groove, Gordon. It is a relatively recent thing that I could sing while making use of the pinky in a shuffle, rather than just strum a dum dum. It fell into place when doing the Chris Liepe course. I still need much practice to have the playing sufficiently on auto-pilot to be able to sing with more freedom and feel.


So am I !!

For some reason the StudioRack interface is not visible, when opened. All very strange. When I check on Waves Central and manage to find StudioRack v 14 it does not show as activated (v9 and v11 do). Not worked out how activate it and its at odds with being able to run it as a standalone vst plugin in OBS. So going via Reaper to OBS for now.

Thank you @DavidP - definitely will be picking up some merch! Don’t tell my wife.

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