Bono and The Edge: Tiny Desk Concert

I’m unsure how many people know about the NPR (National Public Radio in the US) Tiny Desk Concert, but this one is worth checking out. Bono and The Edge. You get a great view of the chords the Edge is playing. I hope you enjoy it.

NPR Tiny Desk Concert: Bono and The Edge


Big fan of the Tiny Desk concerts, but hadn’t come across this one yet.


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Remy, thanks for sharing. That was beautiful. Had not heard of Tiny Desk but now making part of my go to list.

I just read Bono’s book Surrender. It’s a heavy read, 700 pages but good enough to keep me interested. He devoted much of one chapter to Michael, so sad.

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Tiny Desk is amazing. They date back to 2008. I also recommend
Hermanos Gutiérrez and Indigo Girls for great guitar playing.

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Thanks, I will definitely check those out and go through the library.

Thank you! :smiley:

Tiny desk concerts are super. If you like The Edge, it’s worth checking out “It might get loud”

I love the Tiny Desk concerts…but I haven’t’ seen this one. I binge watch them in the evenings once in a while. Thanks for posting it.

Watched both those shows, really good! Indigo Girls are a fine example of strumming technique which Justin talks about religiously.

I love the finger picking by the Gutierrz brothers. I’m just a beginnier but the more I play the more I like not using a pick.

Thanks for sharing.

This was a great find, thank you so much for sharing!