Brand New Wings - Kotaro Oshio

Greetings! Try to record myself playing live, and bring the best of my performance for you!

Kind of awkward to do but I wish I could smile while playing, just like Kotaro Oshio always do. Recorded using my phone.

Thank you!

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Hi Vincent, you’ve got a raft of different techniques on show. Nicely done.

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Thank you John, I am amazed by the way the song author putting those techniques together, and the chords are really beautiful.
Need to work on my pitiable showmanship :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Super playing Vincent! That doesn’t look like an easy piece at all.

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Thank you Phil. Hope everything is doing okay in UK. Inflation really hits hard.

And I just realize your profile pic is some physics interaction (Feynman diagram??) involving photon xD
I am looking to move to a town (somewhere like Portsmouth?) there next year, not opting for expensive big city.

Hi DW,

Very stylish playing. Looked and sounded great.
Wouldn’t worry about smiling - you were in the zone and nailing it.


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